Vampire Peak part 21 ~*Grand Finally*~

this is part 21 of my Vampire Peak series, the quiz is going to end soon so leave suggestions so i can end these with a bang. thx! i tried my best to give this one an awesome finale so plz met me know what you think! so start reading and comment and rate

do you have what it takes to date one of my vampires? Blake? Justin? possbly Troy? find out now! hurry and take my quiz before they're taken! good luck girl!_Jade Black!

Created by: Jade Black
  1. After days of torturing Blake Justin and Troy non stop, you can't take it anymore. you scream at the top of your lungs and set the whole place on fire. Justin stopped writhing in pain. i was so hot (temperature wise) that they couldn't touch me. i rise from my chair and i get hotter and hotter!
  2. u grab the guards by their collars and just simply breathe on them and they turn to ash with gurgling screams. then u feel light headed and black out. ~*~*Blake*~*~ i feel the faintness but it's not my own oh crap. "Bree," "What?" says Troy. i start yanking at the bars. "Bree you idiot, she's in trouble she set the place on fire and passed out, she's only," i grunts as i kick the old bars. "fireproof is she conscious," "Justin will keep he safe won't he?" "i don't know he's not teh least bit fireproof but he can put the fire out if he thinks about it.
  3. ~*~*~Justin*~*~ i see her fall and i struggle for all i was worth. my hands finally get loose just in time. water shoots from my hands as i put the fire out around her. i hold her up gently, her skin was hotter then usual. her eyes open slowly and her eyes are as black as night. she stands up without thinking about it. "Go get the guys and get out of here, I've got someone to take care of." she says I'm to afraid to disobey. i run away from her to the dungeon. "Where the hell is Bree?" "She's got someone to take care of" ~*~*Bree*~*~ i walk to the throne room unaware of what i'm doing. i see the queen. "ah the princess has awakened within," she takes her robe off. and walks in front of me. i glare at her. "Are you ready to join us?" "Go to hell b----." my finger turns to a knife and i stab her in the stomach catching her hair on fire then her eyes then her clothes then she 's burning right in front of me. "Bree!" i hear. every inch of my goes limp and i fell into someone's arms.
  4. my eyes open and i feel like the world has lifted from my shoulders. there wasn't anyone coming after me anymore. i smile. sitting up was easier that it has ever been before. i skip down the halls singing 'Something about the sunshine' by Anna Margaret. i run into the kitchen and hug them all. "Bree i was so worried." "I'm okay and i have something to tell you guys." "Wait i think we better talk with you two Bree." "Ok shoot," "We think that you should choose which one of us you want to be with before any more time goes by." you smile. "That's exactly what i wanted to tell you too," you smile at him "____ i heard your voice in the darkness each time i passed out. i know i love you, and i want to be with you every moment of every day for the rest of my life
  5. There!!!!! EEEEKKKKK was it any good ????? plz comment i wan to know your answer. and this isn't one of those quizzes where you don't submit YOU HAVE TO SUBMIT!!!!!
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