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  • I had Blake because I me gusta him :3

    reaction: As you tell him to marry you, you run up to his arms and you both cry, he says that he loves you would never hurt you and promise to stay by you forever and even if you get Ill or die I will never think of anyone else. You look in his eyes and you both kiss. You have a beautiful wedding at a mountain in australia. On your honeymoon you make a great adventure around the worlds with memories to always remember. You both wanted a child but the only way to have a child is that they are both vampires, he bites you and turns you into one. You have a proud and smart boy with blue-violet eyes named Raven, and a little sister who is shy but very cute named Henrietta. She has blue eyes and very dark brown hair. Molly becomes both of the childrens god mother and you still have contact with the other boys. One day Raven becomes a great ruler of the vampire world and Henrietta gets married to a vampire whom she loves. But you your father and Blake live happily ever after

  • I loved it! & Justin =) Okay, let me give a go at the reaction

    Reactio n: Justin grins from ear to ear as he picks me up and spins me around, and kisses me. We have a beautiful wedding in Hawaii, where we have out honeymoon too. We have baby twins, a boy and a girl =)

  • ok, i didnt pick anyone but here goes

    Justin: He almost fainted when he heard that you picked him, he smiled, and took you by the waist and spun you around, his eyes shimmered, and you two got married, had a beautiful baby girl named Alana, with curly black hair, and green eyes, the guys becam godfathers

  • Blakey ;) wow Liveonaze... that's quite detailed. Hm, I don't have any ideas to be honest :P so whatever you pick...

  • All hail this quiz maker *looks up in awe *. My fave series!!! Blake had me from first glance!

  • Loved this series! It had so much plot and action, but Iliked the romance best. ;)

  • I'm marring Blake I'm marring Blake!! *chants*

  • i love this story this should turn into a movie btw i got blake i love him his the best he is the most loving <3 ^.^ :D

  • i love blake *sighs dreamily* ohh um dont tell my boyfriend, jks lol ;D

  • i dont rly like this series .

  • thx IcyDesignns any ideas for my next series?

    Jade Black
  • i got blake i love him so much


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