Do we share the same personality?

Have you ever wondered whether someone some where had the same personality as yours? Have you ever wondered if someone hated the same things you hate and liked the same things you liked? Well stop wondering and take this quiz, and find out for yourself whether my personality and your personality are the same! Do we really share the same personality? Take this quiz and find out!

Im sure we all know that inorder to get an accurate answer you should answer honestly? Yes, the more honest you are the greater the accuracy of the quiz is! So take this quiz and find out whether we really do share the same personality! I have been searching for the one whom i share the same personality with for a long time, and now i feel that here, at gotoquiz, someone does. The highest anyone got on the other websites was 85%, can you get more? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Kish

  1. Right, so firstly, ignore those age and gender questions above, they have no effect! But this does! What is your age and gender?
  2. This may sound alittle off topic but it is rather important; Which continent do you live on?
  3. Ok, im no racist but i need to ask, what is your religion?
  4. Now we start with the common questions, what is your hair colour?
  5. What is your eye colour?
  6. Are you a shy person?
  7. Do you make friends easily?
  8. Do you read alot?
  9. Can you cook?
  10. What music do you listen to?
  11. What type of movies do you watch?
  12. What is your favourite colour?
  13. Last question, and this WILL affect your result, lol, jokes, no effect! What gender do you think im?

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