Which Peanuts Character Are You?

Call me a nerd, but yes, I love comics such as these. Wondering which character that most reflected MY personality, I decided to make a quiz that helped YOU decide!

Everyone has an alter-ego. Which of The Peanuts characters is your's most like? Who do you share equal qualities and hobbies with? Itching to know? Go ahead and take this quiz!

Created by: Savannah
  1. When life give you lemons...
  2. You're in love with that special someone! Just one problem...
  3. New Shirt! What Pattern would be splashed across it?
  4. What's the best thing to have around when your bored!
  5. Favourite color? Obviously,
  6. Everyone has good and bad days. But what's your overall mood?
  7. Who do you idolize?
  8. Your having a bad day. What kind of music do you turn on?
  9. Your boy/girlfriend has to...
  10. At the barber shop, what do you tell the man working there to do?

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Quiz topic: Which Peanuts Character am I?