The Naruto Character quiz - Which character are you

This is mainly what Naruto konoha character are you. I was pretty bored so i decided to make it, but please dont say it sucks i know it does but its just my first one ill get better. so anyway enjoy it and see who you are most like

Do you want to be a ninja well so do I but we cant but there always is this quiz it tells you which character you are in case you ever actually become one you will know how to act.

Created by: Tommy
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  1. You get assigned a mission to do capture a cat for a desperate women which do you do?
  2. You finish the mission and get to leave where do you go?
  3. You have to take the chuunin exams who do you wanna face
  4. You get called to do a dangerous mission in the land of waves how do you react
  5. When you get to the chuunin exam finnals you get paired up with the one you didnt want to fight how do you react
  6. You finish a mission and get back to konoha what do you do
  7. Whats your favorite thing to do
  8. When you get a dangerous mission what do you do first
  9. When you get a hard fight what do you do
  10. What is your favorite attak to use

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Quiz topic: The Naruto Character quiz - Which character am I