What magick spells can you cast?

Magick? Its quite an interesting topic and alot is argued about it, like, origin, is it evil, who can do it,etc! Now let me assure you, i made this quiz for fun and they hardly bare any resemblence to the real stuff! If any resemblence occurs it is purely coincidental! Enjoy the quiz!

This quiz should give you an idea, about whether you can cast spells and which ones! This quiz was made for fun but it does, however, tell you the truth! For best results answer honestly and with a open mind! Enjoy!

Created by: Kish

  1. First and foremost, do you believe in magick?
  2. There are 5 elements in the universe, fire water air earth and spirit. Which element do you feel most drawn to?
  3. What do you believe, we control nature, nature controls us, we are equal to nature?
  4. It is said that everybody can cast magick spells! What is your opinion?
  5. The threefold law states that what goes around comes around 3 times stronger than what went out whether it was good or bad!.eg. If you cast a spell to kill someone, chances are, he/she will come back to do the same, only he/she will be 3 times stronger! Your opinion?
  6. If you really could cast a spell, you would cast:
  7. Visualizing plays a big role in spell casting! How good are you in visualizing?
  8. Almost done, when were you born?
  9. Sorry, but i have to ask, what religion are you?
  10. Last question, how was the quiz?

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Quiz topic: What magick spells can I cast?