Can You SUCCESSFULLY Kill Someone?

Im sure you have watched a movie with people killing other once in a while, yes? But thats just a movie, its very simple to watch them, have you ever wondered if you could successfully kill someone? Killing someone needs alot of guts, sometimes mental illness and emotional distress...

so yeah, find out if you can kill someone or not, theres no turning back when you click on that submit button.., anyway, i hope you like the quiz, rates and comments are very much appreciated

Created by: Kish

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  1. You and a friend are trapped in a cave barely surviving a deadly avalanche. You have no food and have been starving for 2 days now. You have 1 option left: kill your friend and "eat" him/her or you would surely die. Would you do it?
  2. You are in a financial crises and have no idea where to get money for the next meal. Someone tells you that if you kill a certain person for them they would pay you a huge amount. This would end all your money matters. Would you do it?
  3. Can you stand seeing blood? As in, can you look at blood without having to look away or throwing up?
  4. Has one of your family members ever been murdered or have you seen someone get murdered?
  5. Do you have an enemy or enemies you really really hate right now?
  6. Do you constantly get dreams full of blood or people killing each other?
  7. Has anyone ever threatened to kill you before?
  8. Have you ever thought of (or tried) committing suicide?
  9. Lets say you accidently kill someone, you didnt mean it. Out of the 3 options below, what are you likely to do?
  10. thats it, quiz is over, hope you liked it, and whatever you do, dont kill anyone xP or atleast try not.,.

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Quiz topic: Can I SUCCESSFULLY Kill Someone?