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This is a new quiz series full of adventure. Its made of my imagination and reading a few books. I hope you like the quiz. Please take the next part of the series, coming soon! The next paragraph is a short summary to what the quiz is about

The day starts when you are bored, and you are taking random quizs. You find a quiz which says, "Quiz of Fate. Can you survive?". Since you were bored, and curious, you click on the quiz, not knowing what it had instore for you...

Created by: Kish

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  1. Its the usual normal day for you, and normal means boring. You are on the internet, taking random quizs, when suddenly one quiz catches your eye. It wasn't the usual quizs of, "how hot are you?" or the cool series of vampire love stories and stuff like that. This quiz was different. The quiz title was "Quiz of fate! Can you survive what this quiz has instore for you?". Im sure you have heard the saying, "curiousity kills the cat?", but does curiousity kill the human? You woudn't die if you took the quiz, would you? What would you do?
  2. Finally, you click on the quiz. For a split second, you could have sworn you saw a wierd face smilling at you from the computer screen, but perharps its just your imagination? Then the computer screen's background becomes red, and in black, the quiz description said: "By clicking this quiz, you will never be able to leave until you finish the quiz, thats if you survive during the quiz". What do you think?
  3. The first question pops up. "Meteorite Shower!" it said. "Can you survive the meteorite shower? Will you be able to handle the truth? Do you know whats instore for you? Wait a few minutes and find out!". In big letters, the question asks, "Do you think you will survive?". What do you answer?
  4. Suddenly the ground begins to shake. You are still trying to figure out what is going on when suddenly a small stone hits you. You look around to see where it came from and you spot a small hole in the roof above you. Before you know it, alot of stones begin to fall making hundreds of small holes in the roof. You grab your laptop and run for cover.,.
  5. You run out of the room and into the hall. Then you realize the meteorite shower had stopped. And the only place damaged was the room you had just left. Was this a coincidence? You decide the only way to find out was to read the next question...
  6. You click next, and a few minutes later, the next question pops up. It said: "Congratulations on your survival of the meteorite shower. The next part, however, is rather easy to survive. Monkey Invasion! Check in the kitchen." Check in the kitchen? You wondered if this was true as you slowly walked to the kitchen...
  7. As you got closer to the kitchen, you hear a crash. You run inside, and there they were.,. Monkeys! Everywhere. You watch as one of the monkeys gets trapped in the oven, and another monkey accidently switching on the oven. All hell broke loose inside the oven, poor toasted monkey. Then they notice you...
  8. For a moment you were afraid to move, not knowing what they would do. Then one of the monkeys picks up a knife and throws it at you, barely missing you by an inch. Then all the monkeys charge at you (besides the poor toasted monkey). You let out a yelp and quickly run for the kitchen and slam the door shut, just as you hear "thumps" behind the door as the monkeys ran into it. You survived this, but what next?
  9. Sweating and panting, you click next. The next question read "Well done, you survived! The next one isn't easy though. House War! I would run away from the house if i were you". Great, now what? Then you hear footsteps coming from the basement. May be someone could help! You run towards the basement, then stop on your tracks. There, coming out of the basement were American soldiers!
  10. And the soldiers didn't seem friendly. Why? You look at their clothes. These soldiers were from the American Cival War! They were not meant to be alive, but they were right there infront of you. Then, suddenly, one of the men saw you. He points at you and shouts "Fire!". The soldiers raise their guns at you, and you hear loud bangs. You duck and run out of the house when suddenly you feel a sharp pain on your leg. You look down. You were shot!
  11. The pain was unbearable, but somehow you escaped the soldiers and hid in the garage. You find some cloth and tie it around your leg. Although you didn't want to continue this game, you had no choice. You click next. The next question pops up, it said: "I told you to get out of the house, you survived! The next one is simple, Death Stampede! Start running kid, start running!". Just as you finish reading that, the ground begins to shake...
  12. You hear a wierd noise and you open the garage door, and you can't believe your eyes! Heading straight for you, were dozens of huge creatures, from elephants to horses and even mammoths! You grab your laptop and run onto the isolated street. Why weren't there people, you wondered. You look back. They were following you! And they were catching up, fast!
  13. You run, not knowing where to go. The ground begins to shake as the animals got closer and closer. Then you decide to head to the river, not far from where you were right now. May be the water will slow down or completely stop these crazy animals. But if that didn't work, you were as good as dead. What would you do?
  14. Well, whatever you did, you finally survived the animals. You look at the quiz, "last question!" it said. You were almost finished. You click next. The question read, "tired? You are almost there. I hope you love your parents. You are not going to like what you see!". Well, that didn't sound good...
  15. You here muffled sounds coming from behind you. You stare in awe. There infront of you were the hugest plants you had ever seen. And they were not just any plants, they were huge insect eating plants, but from their size you could call them human eating plants. And behind the huge plants were your mom and dad, all tied up in vines. Trying to rescue them was putting your life in danger. What to do?

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