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  • 25%??? I follow no religion, don't believe in anything, lie, cuss, and have broken half of the ten commandments almost on a daily basis. how did I get 25%?

    woodnicole7 Aug 5 '13, 5:11PM
  • 56%... aw crap. :(

    Firey_Soul Oct 21 '12, 10:56PM
  • 44%..good number. I like this quiz

    AllHailLelouch Jan 23 '12, 11:42AM
  • ahaha lol 50 % ahaha im bad ;)

    Mercii Dec 31 '11, 10:41PM
  • this is very accurate, 19% thanx!

    neonkat101 Dec 24 '11, 12:57PM
  • 31%
    well i have good
    reson for those

    skatterbrain Oct 3 '11, 3:26AM
  • 19%
    Ok, judging from your result, it seems you have a clean heart, you are a little religious or more and you really love helping people. Its really unlikely for you to go to hell!

    ...but I'm not religious...

    Asrel81 Jun 16 '11, 4:48PM
  • 56% ouch anybody gotta cup of ice water?

    Desire Mar 30 '11, 11:03AM
  • I've been living in hell since a little child. I'm in the dark. The DARK!!!!!

    Pretender Mar 26 '11, 1:08PM
  • Ok, cutestuff, next time i will make a classic, but im not gud at it, u know the part where u put 1-4 points 4 a certain answer, im not gud at tht, but i will try anyway..... Oh, also take my what is your chance of going 2 heaven.....

    Kish Mar 24 '11, 11:26PM
  • oh yeah i have a story when god throwed me to hell...
    the story:once upon a time my blood is dripping to the ground , many worms on my body and the devils kicked me to the nuts...
    when i woked up...
    lucifer was eating me and my body!!!
    when i was dead the other devils were working but lucifer was using his sledgehammer hitting my nuts...
    then when lucifer stopped i work too but all of us(or all of the devils)were launching an all out attack to the heavens...
    god used his lightning power but he don,t hitted me because i did,nt attacked him...
    but later when i woked up to the hell all the devils and lucifer were falled asleep...
    i tried to pray good to god then god haved mercy to me...
    then i am in heaven!!!

    story of:Chicksman

    Chicksman Mar 24 '11, 12:23AM
  • i havE A 38% chance of going 2 hell?omg! :o

    Angel0135 Mar 23 '11, 7:22PM
  • 38% CHANCE! Yay! This quiz rocks

    EmraldYE Mar 23 '11, 6:05PM
  • 19%. Nice quiz, but next time you make a quiz, I would really suggest that you use the classic quiz where you can do percentile things, such as you can make one answer worth 1 point, another answer worth 2, and so on.

    cutestuffx333 Mar 23 '11, 5:02PM
  • well i did recently go on a trip to hell and the guy at the exit did say bye to everyone but me instead he said see you in 6 months lol wonder what tha....O_O oh no.

    theboso Mar 22 '11, 2:30PM
  • Ha, 38% of going 2 hell for me........

    Kish Mar 22 '11, 12:45AM
  • its okay.it's just a quiz! :) (I hope the creator doesn't take that the wrong way) cool quiz though! and i know i already said that but oh well! :)

    fireprincess1996 Mar 22 '11, 12:07AM
  • oh man!!!
    i got 56% of going to hell!!!
    i think im a DEVIL!!!

    Chicksman Mar 21 '11, 10:43PM
  • i'm with Anastasia. i got a 34% chance.And i do beleive in life after death,heaven,and all that stuff.Great quiz by the way! :)

    fireprincess1996 Mar 21 '11, 7:38PM
  • It doesn't matter how many good works one does, Jesus is the way to salvation.

    Anastasia Mar 21 '11, 12:05PM
  • You have a 31% of going to hell!

    Ok, judging from your result, it seems you have a clean heart, you are a little religious or more and you really love helping people. Its really unlikely for you to go to hell!

    Er, no. I don't have a heart, fuk religion, and I hate people.

    xVaMpIrEx Mar 20 '11, 8:31PM
  • 25%. Well I don't believe in hell (or heaven) but nice to know that even if I don't have a religion I'm still a good person. Nice quiz

    Acinorev Mar 12 '11, 12:19PM

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