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  • 82%. who's the dude in the photo?

    DreamOfNight May 20 '15, 1:26PM
  • 50 :P

    Omega_Wolf Apr 7 '14, 10:28AM
  • 57%

    JosiePurple Jan 9 '14, 5:06PM
  • 82%

    horsecrazy24601 Jan 9 '14, 1:42PM

  • 66%

    Cexy Jan 9 '14, 10:08AM
  • damn your cute!!! ;)

    anyone1 Jan 9 '14, 6:46AM
  • I got 64% of the squishy kishy

    coolme3 Jan 1 '14, 9:19PM
  • 50%: friends, that seems accurate lol

    UnLovingPlus Dec 27 '13, 12:01AM
  • KIIISH! Haven't seen a quiz by you in a while! Well, I got a 70-somethin' percent, I think...I'm forgetful. Nice quiz; great to see one brimming with Christmas Spirit!
    Sincerely yours,
    Her Grace, Killjoy Rainbow
    Dutchess of Antarctica
    Command er in Chief of the Grammar Ninjas
    Stereotypic al Unicorn Lover
    Proud Accordion Player

    KilljoyRainbow Dec 26 '13, 1:26AM

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