Which top laner should you play

In league of legends, in the constant shifting meta environment its hard to find a champion that is best of you to main. This quizz will help you find out what kind of top lane champs you should play.

If you have problem on finding which top lane champion to master, here is a tool that will help you out deciding what playstyle suits you best. Good luck!

Created by: twitch/slingergosusenna
  1. What type of resource should your champion use?
  2. Do you prefer attack speed champions, cooldown reduction or neither?
  3. DO you mind how tough is your champion?
  4. Do you prefer ranged or melee champions?
  5. What type of damage do you prefer your champion deals?
  6. What way of dealing damage by your champion do you prefer?
  7. How difficult may your champion be?
  8. Do you either prefer high risk, high reward champion or a very safe champion with comeback potential?
  9. Is wave clear a problem for you?
  10. Do you want your champion to dominate lane early??
  11. Do you prefer your champion to be able to utilize Teleport or be able to roam mid lane and jungle more?
  12. During teamfights which role suits you the best?
  13. Do you like to initiate teamfights?
  14. Are you a lonewolf? Do you prefer to splitpush or join the team?

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