Do You Know Metroid Fusion?

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This is a quiz to test just how much you know about Metroid Fusion. It not only covers game play, but also release info, so hopefully you're ready! Good luck!

Make sure you've been paying attention to the gameplay BEFORE taking the quiz. If you don't, you'll probably have a hard time. This quiz isn't too hard though, so I'm sure you'll get a great score.

Created by: Clara Ford

  1. Quizzes must have between 10 and 60 questions. Got it!What is the first physical suit ability you receive? (Not weapon)
  2. How many sectors are there in the game?
  3. Where do you get Screw Attack from?
  4. True or false, Adam Malkovich was first introduced as the computer Commanding Officer in Fusion?
  5. What was Samus' biggest fear?
  6. What was the name of the parasites in Fusion?
  7. True or false: there was only ONE SA-X
  8. Samus was locked in the Navigation Room near the end of the game because...
  9. True or false: Once you complete the game at 100%, you see Zero-Suit Samus in the orange Zero-Suit?
  10. Which Zero-Suit comes from Fusion?
  11. Samus was ultimately saved by what creatures?
  12. What does Samus say at the very end of the game?
  13. What color was Samus' hair?
  14. True or False: Metroid Fusion was the first Metroid game on the GBA?
  15. Metroid Fusion is one of the...

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