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I love Metroid, so made this quiz. Let's see how much you know about the Galactic warrior Samus Aran. This quiz is all about her, so I hope you're ready.

Even if you don't know much about Metroid, this quiz can be fun for anyone to take. So please take this quiz and help me level-up. And remember to have fun.

Created by: Samus Aran
  1. Samus' height is roughly_____
  2. What is her middle name?
  3. What color was Samus' hair in the very first Metroid game?
  4. True or false: Samus only has one Zero Suit style--full-body suit?
  5. What did Samus have a motherly attachment to?
  6. Who trained Samus in her abilities?
  7. What did Samus get her abilities from?
  8. True or false: Samus isn't married?
  9. Where did Samus come live the first three years of her life?
  10. Samus is a character who suffers from what mental disorder?

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