Magic love part 1

Welcome to the beginning of an epic series. Here's what's going on. Your a 17 year old girl, with dirty blond hair, and gray eyes. _______ means your name. It's finally summer. Btw sorry about jakes result, he actually has short black hair, not flippy hair...

Here's the boys. Matt is your best guy friend, has brown flippy hair, and gray eyes. Jake is one of Matt's friends, has short black hair, and gray eyes. Jordan is another of Matt's friends, has black flippy hair, and brown eyes. Zach, the last of Matt's friends mentioned in the series, has spiky dirty blond hair, and blue eyes. Enjoy my quiz!

Created by: Birdsong234

  1. You walk down your sidewalk whistling, with your hands in your pockets. It's finally summer! You think, and your going over to your friend, Matt's house, to celebrate. You see your friend Sarah, and wave her to your side of the street. "Hey ________, you headin over to Matt's?" she asks. You nod and say, "I hear there's going to be a lot of cute boys there." you say, grinning. "Yeah Matt told me he was going to invite his cousins, and his brothers gonna be there, along with most of his friends." she says. You both arrive at Matt's house, and Sarah looks at you. "How long did he say this party was?" she asked. "I dunno, till 8, why?" "Oh nothing..." she says, looking away. "Alright then let's go party!" you tug her along behind you and knock on the door. Matt answers, and let's you in. "Your the first ones here, so why don't I show you guys around?" He says, already walking away.
  2. You and Sarah look at each other and decide to follow him. After about ten minutes, you three came back into the living room. Another five minutes went by before the doorbell finally rang, and some a Matt's friends walked in. The first one had short black hair with gray eyes. The second had flippy black hair with brown eyes, and the last one had short dirty blond hair with blue eyes.
  3. Once everyone was at the party, it really got going. You saw Sarah making out with one of Matt's cousins, someone tried to make out with you but you slapped him, and btw, the blue eyes is Zach, brown eyes is Jordan, and grey eyes is Jake. Around seven oclock, Matt pulled you aside. "have you seen Jake anywhere?" he asked. You shrug. "Why?" Matt didn't answer. " could you please help me find him though?" he asks. You sigh, and agree.
  4. You and Matt split up and search around the rooms, until you find Jake. He was standing in the bathroom, the lights turned off, and something in there was glowing. Suddenly you hear a crash! And something huge comes out of the wall. You hold back a scream as it knocks Jake down, but he got right back up, and shot the glowing ball at the monster. It suddenly dissapward, and Jake fell back against the wall sighing. You rush in and crouch down near Jake. He stares at you, obviously shocked. Are you okay?! You start looking at him for scratches but he grabs your arm. "How much of that did you see?!" he asks. You consider lying about it, but just then you hear a voice in your head. " Don't lie. I know you saw it." It was Jakes voice. You back up fearfully but Jake has an iron grip on your arm. He finally says something. "You need to come with me." He pulls you out of the room and leads you down to the room Matt is in. He motions to you and said, "She saw the fight." Matt looks at you, suddenly looking tired. ________ you need to understand, now that you have seen that, you can never go back to your normal life. You need to come with us.
  5. You stare at them, open mouthed. "_______ I know this is confusing, but your in danger." Matt had this pleading look in his eyes." So you just sighed in defeat and said, "Where are we going?" You saw Jake hide a smile. Matt took your hand and said, "Close your eyes and think of a happy memory, the first time might be painful." He then looked at Jake and said, "Get the others." He nodded and ran to the living room. "Are you ready?" he asked you. You take a deep breath and nod. Matt squeezes your hand and suddenly you hear a ringing in your ears and a sharp pain in your head. The noise kept getting louder and louder until you couldnt take it anymore. Everything fell into darkness...
  6. You wake up in a purple room, with a dark blue carpet. You get scared but suddenly remember what happened last night. You get out of your bed, and find your in your pajamas... Wonder who put you in those... O_O anyway, what do you wear downstairs?
  7. You take (the outfit that you chose) and go into the bathroom to take a shower. You then walk downstairs, curious where everyone is. You smell food cooking, so that's where you go. Matt, Jake, Jordan, and Zachary are all in what you think is a kitchen. Matt is the first one to spot you, and grins. "How do you like it?" "The house I mean." You shrug and say, "You have no idea how many questions I have." you say, shaking your head. Well, whatever they are, they can wait until after breakfast. Jordan goes over to the table and puts down (your favorite breakfast) onto the table. You all sit down and start eating. But then you notice that in between bites, Jordan was staring at you. When you finally meet his gaze, you feel like your getting hypnotized. Matt looks at you both an says, "Jordan you know I told you not to do that." He reaches over and pokes your arm. You suddenly jolt back to the living, and stare at Matt. "Why did I feel like I was trapped in a box?" you asked him. Matt frowns and says, let's go into the living room. You all walk into the living room and find a spot to sit. (the living room was actually really nice, it had a couch, three chairs, a 55in plasma tv, a coffe table, and an xbox.) "______ I'm know this may sound weird, but we all have powers, even you." Matt says. "I have telekinesis, and healing, Jake has mind reading and invisibility, Zach has earth water fire and air, and Jordan has mind control."
  8. "Oh." that was all you could say. "We're not sure of your powers yet, so we'll have to do some testing tomorrow. "You'll spend the day getting to know the house and the people in it." Matt said. You nod, and walk up to your room, taking everything you just heard in. You don't really know what to do, so you listen to your ipod, the song is stereo hearts, by maroon 5. (I'm listening to it right now. :D) after you replay it a couple times, you hear a knock on your door, so you get up and open it, and you see Jordan standing there. "Hey _______, can I come in?" he asks. You nod and step aside so he can get in. He walks into your room and notices your iPod. "Stereo hearts? I love that song." he says. "Me to." you say. "Uhhh I'm sorry for trying to hypnotize you earlier today." You shrug and say, "That's alright." He steps closer to you. "It's just that your so beautiful." he whispers, and pulls you into a kiss.
  9. After your kiss with Jordan, you wander around the house, looking at all of the rooms and taking everything in. You think you hear someone in the kitchen so you go downstairs. When you walk into the kitchen you suddenly scream as you see..... CLIFFHANGER!!! sorry.
  10. Will you stay tuned for part 2 :D

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