Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is a very popular game. Not many people have defeated this game. Some people say they have but THEY ARE PROBABLY LYING.

Have you defeated this game? Do you know everything about this awesome game like me?? If you have 90% or above you are AWESOME and know this game! Have fun with my quiz!

Created by: Leafpool
  1. Why does Princess Peach call an emergency meeting at her castle?
  2. What happens when Mario and Luigi show up to the meeting, after Toadsworth says, "Master Mario! You must stomp this fellow as if he were Bowser!"
  3. When do you meet Baby Mario and Baby Luigi?
  4. When Bowser meets Chakron, what does Chakron help him find?
  5. WHo is the bad guy in this game, and who is his helpful henchman?
  6. How many times do you battle Durmite and where do you fight her?
  7. What is hogging Bowser's flame pipe?
  8. After the Toad Town Mall opens, and you head in, what happens once you're outside the badge store?
  9. Who do you battle inside the clinic?
  10. Who holds the first Star Cure? And where is it located?
  11. How do you get past some barriers with a boo symbol on them?
  12. Who holds the second Star Cure? And where is it at?
  13. What mega-boss do you battle there?
  14. What happens to Bowser at the end of this round?
  15. Who holds the third and final Star Cure? And where is it?
  16. What do Mario and Luigi have to do to get the Star Cure from him?
  17. True or false: Mario gets captured in Dimble Wood.
  18. What does Dr. Toadley FIRST call the Miracle Cure, but changes it when everyone forgets it?
  19. Once you find the secret entrance in the back of the garden at Peach's Castle, what enemy do you fight! (This is my favorite enemy I've ever battled!)
  20. Okay, when inside the castle as Bowser, which is the power-up Midbus that you fight?
  21. OH NO!!!DARK BOWSER'S ON THE LOOSE!!! Well, when Bowser finally gets to fight him, how do you defeat him???

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