What magical landscape suits you?

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With simply ten questions, I will guess which of these 8 magical landscapes suits you. These 8 landscapes will give you certain personality traits that you are similar with.

I am very sorry if the names of the landscapes may seem cringe worthy to you, I am making this quiz at midnight so I deeply am sorry. Image sources are found at r/imaginarylandscapes.

Created by: LivianTOTEMS

  1. What role do you have in your friend group?
  2. What elemental attribute are you?
  3. What would you do if a teacher asked you a question you don't know in front of the class?
  4. Would you rather see the past or the future?
  5. Why do you play these type of quizzes?
  6. How big are your dreams?
  7. Do you cry?
  8. How would you survive in an all-white room in 3 days?
  9. Coping with stress?
  10. What source of water do you resemble?

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Quiz topic: What magical landscape suits me?