What Color Warrior Cat are you?

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Have you ever wondered what color your pelt would be if ddyou were a warrior cat? Well take this quiz and find out! I hope you enjoy this quiz.

Well? What are you waiting for? Take the quiz? Why are you wasting time reading this? Well, read the next paragraph first.

Created by: Icekit
  1. Are you mysterious?
  2. Are you very kind and helpful?
  3. Do your friends know your past? Or know the true you?
  4. Are you very loyal?
  5. Do you sneak around camp at night?
  6. Are you a mix of mystery and kindness?
  7. Do you have a mysterious past?
  8. Do you blend in with snow?
  9. Did you like this quiz? (no effect on result)
  10. Is your family a mix of different pelt colors?

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Quiz topic: What Color Warrior Cat am I?