Warrior cats--which one are you?

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Warrior cats--their world is fascinating. How would you like to be a warrior for lots of situations and, most of all, find out which one you are similar to?

Will you be wise Firestar? Or brave Sandstorm? Perhaps sneaky Tigerstar or open-minded Tawnypelt? Can you be as sweet as Silverstream? Adventurous Tallstar? Or are you grumpy but loyal Yellowfang? Find out!

Created by: Star Horseshoe
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  1. Your mentor asks you to hunt 2 pieces of prey for the elders, what do you do?
  2. Oh no! A rival clan is attacking, and your secret love is in there! What do you do?
  3. Your leader is dying (His/her ninth life) and you are the deputy. If you call the medicine cat over he/she may have a chance of survival. You-
  4. You are the leader and a battle is coming. The rival clan is much stronger, but you already formed the agreement of them taking a piece of territory if they win and you do the same. The problem is, you have a much, much smaller territory, and if they take the amount you agreed on, you basically have no territory left. What do you do?
  5. You are a kit, your mother told you that you can't go out of camp, and you did. Now a fox is advancing on you. Suddenly a warrior from a different clan leaps out and fight off the fox. You are thankful but don't know how to say it. How do you thank the warrior?
  6. Your mate is sick with greencough. The med. cat says nothing can help her/him except catmint, and that grows in a place far far away. Warriors tried to go there and never came back. If you don't fetch the herb in a moon (no other cat want to go), your mate can die. What do you do?
  7. A kit was struggling in a river on your territory. You know the warrior code well, but it seemed like the kit was trying to get prey (there were blood and prey-scent on the ground), and fell into the river. You:
  8. The gathering broke up! Cats everywhere were fighting, but the moon is still there. Has StarClan abandoned the cats!? The leaders were clawing each other, and...Oh, your kit is being pinned down! what should you do?
  9. Your mate is giving birth to kits! But there is a problem, the med. cat says either your mate could die but the kits will be 100% okay; or your mate will be fine, but the kits may have a problem. You panic, what do you do?
  10. Your leader told you StarClan sent him a dream. One cat must go on a journey to somewhere, and he has a strange feeling it is you. StarClan warned him that the journey is very, very dangerous, you can choose not to, if you want. You---
  11. You caught an apprentice on your territory, hunting. He was not even noticing you. The WC says all cats who cross the border are trespassing. But the apprentice seemed very weak, as if he had no prey for days. You...?
  12. A weird cat appeared in your dream! He told you he can train you to be the best cat ever in fighting. You agreed and found out cats there fight with claws unsheathed! You got a serious scratch. Your denmate asked you what happened and take you to the medicine cat's den. The med. cat demands an explanation. You--?
  13. While you are taking a walk on the RiverClan border, a cat suddenly leaps out and offers to teach you to swim in private, you don't want to cause trouble, but you always fall into rivers. What would you say?

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Quiz topic: Warrior cats--which one am I?