Which of my warrior cat OC's are you? (She-cats only!)

Which of my warriors OC's are you? There are three possible results. Most of these questions will be RP. This is only for She-cats! No Tom's! I may make one for Tom's but I'm not sure yet.

There are no medicine cats in this quiz, sorry. All of the results are Warriors or have been warriors sometimes. Also no Deputy/leader results. Let's get started!

Created by: WarriorsFan20

  1. Rp time! You are walking in the forest when all of a sudden you hear a loud whine. You follow the sound and see your best friend trapped in a fox trap. What do you do?
  2. More Rp! You are in a fight. You see a clearly pregnant queen from the opposing clan laying on her side, getting badly wounded by a cat from your clan. If your clanmate continues the queen would most likely die. What do you do?
  3. (Only answer this question if you ignored it.) You turn back to the queen and see a large tom fighting off your clanmate. The queen is whining loudly.
  4. (Only answer this question if you helped the queen.) You rushed to the queen and hissed at your clanmate. "What are you doing?! This queen is pregnant!" You grabbed the queen by her scruff and a large tom approached. "What are you doing with her?!" He hissed. "I'm trying to help her!" "Oh, sorry... Come to our med. cat." You dragged her to the medicine cat. The med cat asked you what happened. You say:
  5. (Only answer this question if you attacked the queen) You rushed to your clanmate and bit the queen's neck. "Lilystream!" A voice screamed. A large tom smashed into you and slashed your side. "Stay away from her!"
  6. You hear screaming. The queen was wailing loudly, not only from the wounds. She was kitting! The large tom walked a bit closer to the queen and took her to the med cat. (If she wasn't there already.) Everyone stopped fighting. You...
  7. A bit later the queen had had four kits- soft squeaks came from the place where she was laying. She turned to you. "Y/n, right? I decided you're allowed to name one of my kits.." She touched a light gray tom kit with her tail. "This one." What do you name him?
  8. I know it's very short, but this was it! What do you think? (1 star is bad, 5 stars is great.)
  9. I need more questions to finish this quiz
  10. One more...

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Quiz topic: Which of my warrior cat OC's am I? (She-cats only!)