What Soulclan Cat Are You?

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Welcome to Soulclan, where the bravest forest cats hunt, grow, and battle. Many different cats inhabit Soulclan. There are quiet kits, eager apprentices, powerful warriors and more.

Now it's time to find out which Soulclan cat you are. Are you the bold fighter or the sneaky hunter? The kind optimist or the shadowy patroller? Let's find out...

Created by: ICEE CHILL
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. First, do you have a mate?
  2. Do you have kits?
  3. What's your position in the clan?
  4. One if your fellow apprentices has just died. Your reaction is...
  5. You are captured by twolegs! What's the first thing you do?
  6. Fresh-kill, yum! You go for the...
  7. Best cat ever is...
  8. How do you act towards unfamiliar cats?
  9. You dream of...
  10. On patrol, do you follow or lead?
  11. Will you comment ?

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Quiz topic: What Soulclan Cat am I?