what superhero are you???

a hero is someone that people look up too. or is it a celbrity role model that makes millions of dollars. perhaps it is a person with superpowers. if u think the third one keep on reading becausethis is for you. be happy

dont you wish you could jump out of buildings and save people and junk. well who would you be like. what would you be like you never know. wait you can just take my quiz

Created by: bb
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  1. what superpower would you have
  2. what city would you pretect
  3. how would you react if u had to work with ironman
  4. if u had to go to battle with galactus with only your powers what would you do
  5. you were told to give up your secret identity to join a huge war
  6. if u had to jump of a building to save a loved one how would you do it
  7. your in a fight with your arch enemy he has you down with a sword at your throat you ...
  8. now you have your arch enemy down you can do what you wish with him. you ...
  9. s--t you are locked in a room with a hundred cameras. there is a crime down the street which needs to be taken care of. the cameras will catch you turn into your superhero costume. so you ...
  10. how did u get your powers
  11. 200 hundred people are about to die on the streets and so are our your parents 50 blocks away. you save ...
  12. you have to fight a villian. you get to chose. you chose

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Quiz topic: What superhero am I???