What Animal Are You?

Okay, this is a short quiz, less then 20 questions, but it took a lot of effort, so rate is nicely please! This quiz is just for fun if you want to see what you turn out as, have fun. No swearing involved.

Which ARE you? Dark spider, fun loving horse, cunning snake, powerful dragon? Robust lion, or team player wolf? Finally, are you a follower, like the robin?

Created by: Rachael Dredge
  1. When you are trying to make friends...
  2. If someone was having a party, and asked you what food you would like...
  3. If you had to pick a quality...(or talent)
  4. Color of choice...
  5. Which movie would you go see first?
  6. Choose a word that describes you best.
  7. Your most prized possession...(or close to it.)
  8. A friend is moving... What do you do?
  9. What music do you like?
  10. In a group of 6 you are usually...
  11. Someone trips near you...
  12. What animal do you think you'll be?
  13. Types of fur
  14. Yay! This quiz is over now... Leave...

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Quiz topic: What Animal am I?