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  • Waking up one day and saying HEY I WANA BE A BIKER TO DAY or having a Mid life crisis cause you've hit 30-40 something and never did any thing doesn't work. Or you buy a Harley so your ol lady will think your cool AGAIN (if she ever did to begin with) and your friends can stand around and stair at your STATUS SYMBOL while it painfully rots in your garage on the TRAILER. Any jerk can by a Harley and a leather jacket. Being a BIKER starts and grows in that beatin organ behind your ribs. Your iether born with it, or your not. That's it.

  • This says I'm new school. I've been riding Harley's since 1962. I guess to be a "real" old school biker you have to be an easy rider chopper type, heavy drinker, mean, tatooed up grungy looking no tooth outfit with no brains. Whoever made up this stupid test obviously wasn't around in the 60's and doesn't have a clue how things really were in the old school day's.

  • My dad bought my first Harley for me when I was 15.1974. A death machine chopped raked 69 sporty that had to carry extra plugs in your vest pocket to get you home! I now ride an old school 88 Evo For the past 11 yrs. I am a female rider that does live the biker life style and enjoy the freedom of my hair in the wind( No helmet ). No club and no one tells me what to do or when to do it.I enjoy A brotherhood of friends that would walk through fire for me and I would do the same for them. That is what riding is all about. I traveled across country for 2 yrs. I always knew I could stop where I saw scooters outside and feel at home. You only fear what you do not understand! Too many are misunderstood due to ignorance. It is not what you ride, what you wear or how much ink you have on your skin. It is an attitude and a set of unwritten rules that most riders follow. Never pass a broke down bike without stopping . Never judge a book by it's cover. Bikers raise thousands of dollars for national and local causes. They ask no questions and give freely. Old School or New School the attitude and loyalty to the freedom of choice is what is important. I did score old school..Imagine that!

    Sindee Lou
  • Gave the lamest answers I could,and guess what..The person that thought this up must sit in their cubical and play sit and spin on their pocket protector.Dont worry brothers and sisters old school or new as long as you can twist the throttel/LETS RIDE

  • Gumby is that you, the real Marine Corp Gumby? Poppa Smurf here from FMR .. quiz was ok, but I see your getting a lot of response from guys who still think they are Marlon Brando, LOL bunch of dam wannabes that want everyone to think they are old school.. have a great day Gumby..miss seeing you out there on the black top...

    butch aka Poppa Smurf

  • Anyone who actually trusts that this quiz will accurately determine who is or is not old school needs a swift kick in the ass. Besides, I think that true old school bikers would be out riding, working on their bikes, drinking, or playing grab-fanny with their ol' ladies rather than playing silly internet games.

    I guess I'm not old school.

  • I'm old school but I have to wonder if me having a computer makes me "not-so-old" school... I know lots of really old school from way back in the middle of Texas and NONE of them own a computer. I'm going outside, work on my bike and ride...

  • I to didn't need a quiz to remind me of my path..but wanted to take it for kicks..I'm true blue. Beings our lifestyles change with the times...I didn't quit make 100%...but still old school.

  • I would have probably had a better score if I didn't ride a honda and I didn't have kids. Not wanting to be old school if that's a prerequisit

  • I'm really OLD says...Ok., I'm 67 but there has to be older riders than me...sigh...

    Only reason I did this assinie quiz is cuz there's still 2 feet of snow on the ground...more sigh...

    Hey Gary ( Live to Ride Free Guy), how many days now!?


  • I didn't need the quiz to tell me I was old school. Just checking for accuracy. It's

    Hog Hoilday
  • loved this quiz. i knew alot of the answers, because you gotta live to ride baby. i have since i was 24 and introduced to the club of clubs.H A forever baby!!

  • Iknow who i am,what ive done,of the time where iam going.

    been there done that hope i live long enough to do it again

    most of my money i spent on beer and wild women

    the rest i just wasted

    Gray Beard
  • Gray Beard

    bought my first harley the day i got home from nam june 1970

    the quize looked like a bunch of HOG members that got bored

    on a poker run
    ride safe

    Gray Beard
  • Old school

    England o3o
  • Helluva quiz, old school biker for ever. none of this new school s---

  • mine said old school hmmmmm imagine that

  • OMG so serious ppl it's just for fun chill out... everyone can be whatever they want LOL...

  • Hey..but I knew this's been a long time since I rode with the I'm a bit rusty. Got my own bike now!

  • if you know why you need a matchbook and an extra set of points we might be able to get it in

  • If the Show Fits Wear It Like I do

  • YEAH I"M OLD SCHOOL,36 year of hair in the wind,a few in jail. a few in a 1%club that broke up in the 70's, 43 years of pot use, but still with that 60's san francisco oulaw bike look,

    the one man gang
  • Hey wat can i say i knew i was a new school biker all along!!

    Sexy Ally Cat
  • if you need a quiz to tell you that your old school or not then chaces are YOUR NOT. LOL

  • i got old school right on !!!!! later days better lays ppl


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