Old School Biker or Poser

Mostly involves history and customs that surround the "old school" biker. These are people that have had lots of years and been and seen many things with others with the same interest. Its really tough in places but that's the only way to really learn.

Are you an "Old School Biker" ? Do you consider yourself one or are you really in touch with the years of riders passing things from one generation to the next?

Created by: Troy

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  1. What is a hard tail?
  2. Who designed the water cooled Harley?
  3. What position do you kick a Harley?
  4. What do most consider the dark era of Harley Davidson?
  5. What company had close ties to H D but most considered to be a bittered rival?
  6. What major change did H D introduce in 1984 designed by an outside source?
  7. Where is the oldest bike rally held?
  8. Who are the Jack Pine Gypsies?
  9. What year did H D start selling the V-Twin?
  10. What model H D featured a shaft final drive instead of a chain or belt?
  11. How big was the first H D motor?
  12. What motor was first to use overhead valves?
  13. What was the first year H D used a belt for final drive?
  14. What term is commonly used to describe unlawful motorcycle gangs or clubs?
  15. What is rake?
  16. What does the term springer refer to?
  17. What is the purpose for a bell on the bike?
  18. What is a buddy seat?
  19. What is a H D v-twins enemy?
  20. What is a petcock?
  21. What term is used for a bike customized by removing the front fender and any other unnecessary items?
  22. What is a girder?
  23. What term is used to describe a fender made smaller?
  24. What is the part named that holds the bike when parked?
  25. What is a topper?
  26. What year did H D go to the kevlar final drive belt?
  27. What H D model was first to be sold with an electric starter?
  28. What year was the Panhead introduced?
  29. What name was used for the new motor in 1984 until H D settled on one to be used?
  30. What new model was introduced in 1957?
  31. Why was the new overhead valve motor given the name knucklehead?
  32. What symbol of common respect is given to other bikes on the road?
  33. What year did Indian officially go out of business?
  34. Its important to never go for a ride unless you wear this.
  35. When visiting a H D dealership in another area its important to always.
  36. Old school bikers all have this.
  37. Its always cool to do what?
  38. Always revving your motor does what?
  39. What name was given to the "side-valve" H D motor?
  40. This was tough did you think it would be easy?

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