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  • When I was working for a MC repair shop in '94, I decided I wanted a HD bad enough to listen to my boss's ribbing. He said I was too poor to ever afford a mechanic, so WE found a '74 XLH basket case [12 milk crates of parts + the frame]. Phil gifted me with the Service and Parts Manuals. So every time I showed him a part out of a crate to ID, he always said, "It's in the book. Look it up." Been in the wind ever since and proud to call myself old school.

  • I am a woman that is ex wife to an ex biker. I took this quiz based on what I remember from him and what I have learned since. I do not own a bike but I ride shot gun once in a while. My Main Man now is a biker and has his transmission for his shovelhead in the shop. 2 brothers and son in law are bikers. I would be proud to say I was an Old School Bikers Woman.

  • The first overhead valve Harley engine was their original engine, not the Knucklehead. The Knucklehead was the first overhead valve V-Twin.

  • I've always used kickstand for sidestands as opposed to a center stand which old Brits and Jap bikes sometimes had, but the shop manual for my '07 XL calls it a jiffystand. Sounds a little femmy to me.

    pud dunker
  • What do you say when someone removes the timing plug and ask you

    you to look and tell them when the timing mark comes up?

  • Number 5 could go either way and I rather kick start my hog by standing on the right side but most are over the seat

  • took the quiz and found it very fun and it did make me think. i have been riding since i was 14 yrs old and i am now 43 and still riding.keep the rubber down and the wind in your hair.

  • Where's the correct answers? I'd like to know which ones I got wrong.


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