want to know which naruto character you are?

If you want to know your way of ninja then this is the quiz you're looking for. Are you pure darkness or are you pure light or are you both? Many people want to be pure light but they can't because they also have darkness that might be overwhelming them.

So want to find out who you're mostly similar to? Then I will advise you to take this quiz. It's better to know you are than lying to yourself that you are someone else right?

Created by: Theresa

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what are you intrested in?
  2. what is your favorite animal?
  3. who do you think is a good match for Ino?
  4. If you were to fight a god or goddess who would you be?
  5. if you were to pick a fiancée who would it be?
  6. if you were breaking up with someone what would you say?
  7. if you were talking to your crush what would you say?
  8. if you were on a mission who would you be teamed up with?
  9. what would you do if your friend is captured?
  10. what characteristics do you have?
  11. what would you do if there is a girl's or boy's changing area?

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