Which Pure Romance Toy are you?

Their are so many "Buzzing Buddies" offered by the Pure Romance Product line, but which one is right for you? Here is a fun way to find out!Your Buddy will be there for you through good times and bad, it is nice you know you picked the best one for you!

Which Pure Romance "Buzzing Buddy" would be your true friend? Based on personality questions we will pair you up with your new best friend!This fun quiz will help you take the guess work out of finding the right toy for you and your lifestyle!

Created by: Melissa
  1. On your day off you would prefer to....
  2. The career that most appeals to you is...
  3. The dinner plan you would most prefer on friday night?
  4. Your dream guy would be....
  5. Which best describes your Personality?
  6. Your favorite color?
  7. Your dream home would be?
  8. You are more likey to be seen shopping in/on?
  9. Your ideal pet would be?
  10. Your dream car would be?

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Quiz topic: Which Pure Romance Toy am I?