Mutt, Mixed-Breed, or Pure-Breed?

There are lots of dogs in the world. Pure-breeds, mixed-breeds, mutts, and they all seem to have a certain personality. Pure-breeds are proud and beautiful, mixed-breeds are calm and reserved, and mutts are just plain out of control

But which are you? Are you the prissy pure-breed, strutting along the stage at dog shows? Are you the relaxed mixed-breed, happy to just spend an hour by your owner's feet? Are you the energetic mutt, always jumping into the mud?

Created by: Emi
  1. Your best bud runs up with a tennis ball and wants to play catch. You:
  2. Your mom wants to take you to the mall for a haircut. You:
  3. For your birthday party, do you:
  4. Where do you want to go for summer vacation?
  5. What's your fave school subject?
  6. Fave outfit?
  7. What do you usually have (or want) for dinner?
  8. Do you have any jewelry?
  9. What's your hobby?
  10. Last one, what do people usually say about you?

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