How did you die in your past life?

Everybody has a death, either in the past (not), and the future. But here we're talkin' 'bout some past lives, baby! LOL. (I don't believe in past lives, though.)

So how did you die? Take the test, I'll calculate (well, more like the computer will!) and you'll get your results...all results an interesting story!!!

Created by: EmraldYE
  1. First of all, do you even believe in past lives? (i don't but the idea of this quiz was tempting!)
  2. Are you afraid of heights?
  3. Are you claustrophobic?
  4. Are you daring?
  5. Do you fear death?
  6. Which of your senses is extra sharp?
  7. What's ur favorite color?
  8. What action are you best at?
  9. Which of these are you most?
  10. Which of these does your name start with?
  11. LAST name?

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Quiz topic: How did you die in my past life?