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  • I am always so flattered and honored when it seems like I have had such an effect on people. I will definitely continue writing. One of my biggest goals in life is to publish at least one novel. I started on a story a year or two ago... but it has not made it past 5 pages. I feel like it isn't the type of story I should be writing. I need to write something similar to this series, something that really interests me and makes me want to complete it. I am glad that this addition was nice; I was really hoping it would be liked. I'm still so surprised that you referred to me as a big name, xxblutixx, haha. And thank you, Firey_Soul! That's really encouraging :). I would like to be able to keep in some contact with the fans I already have. I can keep checking up on the quizzes and the site. I don't want to put anything too personal on something so public, but if anyone would ever want to contact me (I also have a tumblr and a facebook) my email is [no emails].

    Thank you for being fans! I really appreciate everything! Time has passed so fast.

  • Complicated Difference end addition, pixystixlove94: I can't believe it's been more than a whole year that this series has finished; time just passes so quickly... thank you for this piece of writing though ^.^ it's was so sweet and the general atmosphere of the story just put a smile on my face. Lovely addition to your wonderful series, and it's nice to see you, such a big name, back on here! I hope you've been doing well the past couple of months, and thank you for your beautiful story :3

    P.S. Paul or Adam, STILL! It'll be the question of my life XD

  • I loved this awesome series!! Can you make another one please. Your series was epic.

  • I loved this. x) One of my favorite series. You should keep writing because you have loads of talent! x3 :D

  • Haha, ok, it is mesmerizing94 and it is a yahoo account (not ymail)


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