complicated difference part 8

Well, now that there have been a few... problems I guess... resulting in Dee not being around as much anymore, this will be mainly done by Kaely. But the quiz will still be going on people, so don't stop reading :). Comment, give me suggestions, tell me who you like, anything :).

At the end of the last quiz you were just pulling into the school parking lot early in the morning. You had that strange dream the night before. You also remember that you have training after school today.

Created by: pixystixlove94
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  1. You walked into first hour right before the bell rang. You see Kayla sitting in one of the desks, so you go sit next to her. She acts a little strange, but you brush that off. You start to say something but stop as the teacher starts talking. “Okay class, pop quiz!” she says. ‘Ugh’ you think to yourself. You end up having no time to talk to Kayla, and spend most of the hour doing the long quiz.
  2. Your classes seem to go by pretty fast, and it’s already lunch time. Erik walks with you to lunch, seeming very excited about after-school. You notice that Brad isn’t at school, which leaves you feeling relieved. You see Adam in the lunch line, as you do every day. “_____... did you know that you’re so hot you make the equator look like the North Pole?” “Ha, nice try…” you reply, jokingly hitting his arm. You both just smile at each other.
  3. You sit with Adam and Erik during lunch; you find it more entertaining than sitting with the jocks and major-preps. “Hey, you see the new guy that just moved here?” Adam asks Erik. “You mean mister tall, dark, and mysterious? Yeah, I saw.” Erik replies with a slight smile. “What new guy?” you ask, feeling a little left-out. “Oh, his name is… Paul, I believe…?” Adam says, looking at Erik for reassurance. “Yeah. He just moved here from Wyoming. I’ve briefly met him once or twice before,” Erik says.
  4. “Okay, so this guy… what’s he like?” you ask, wondering about that dream you had just the night before. “Always dresses in black. Has long hair,” Adam explains. “Does he happen to have bright, ice blue eyes?...” you ask. Both guys start to look a little concerned. “You’ve met this guy before?” Erik asks. “No… I just… I don’t know, it might sound stupid… but I saw a guy just like that in my dream last night…” you answer, thinking they’ll just laugh at you. “Hmm. Interesting,” Erik says. Then, the bell rings, and all of you have to rush off to class.
  5. The rest of the day passes rather quickly and you find yourself in the long, narrow hall trying to open your locker, which seems to have gotten stuck. “Ugh! I hate it when it does this,” you say out loud to yourself. “Need help?” an icy, smooth voice asks. It startles you, and you jump, turning around to face whoever it was. You do an evaluation; black jeans, dark shirt, long black hair, lip ring, and oh… there are those ice blue eyes… You shake yourself out of your fixation on the gorgeous color, and realize that this must be Paul.
  6. “Well…?” he says, waiting on an answer. “Umm, yeah, sure,” you reply. He walks towards your locker, so smoothly you almost can’t believe what you’re seeing, and he somehow manages to open it. You turn to look at the open locker door, and say “thanks” as you turn back. But once you look around, you notice he isn’t there anymore.
  7. You walk outside to see Adam and Erik waiting by your car. “What took so long?” Adam asked, laughing a little. “Locker got stuck,” you reply, wondering if the encounter was even real. “I see you met Paul… he came out the door minutes before you did. You know, you should really stay away from him…” Erik says. You kind of just shrug that off and ask about the training.
  8. They lead you to a field out in the woods that you never even knew was there. “Well, _____, I’ll be helping you first. But we’re only doing the basics for today,” Erik explains. “Okay,” you agree. Adam leaves to do whatever it is he feels like doing. Erik sits down on the grass and motions for you to do the same. “So, _____, I’ll be helping you with concentration and calmness. In order you use your type of powers you have to be able to concentrate, and in order to concentrate you have to be able to calm yourself for at least a few seconds. Okay, see that spot over there?” he says, pointing towards your right. “Yeah,” you reply. “Close your eyes, and imagine that spot. Concentrate on it real hard. Act as if you want to be in that spot more than anything,” Erik says, talking in a calm and soothing voice.
  9. After concentrating long and hard, you hear “Okay, open your eyes! That was amazing!” You open your eyes to find yourself over in the spot that you were thinking about. You stand up and Erik runs over to hug you. Tightly. “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that before, honestly! You were in front of me one second and the next second all I was looking at was an empty space!” Erik exclaims.
  10. “Awesome! I actually did it!” you yell in excitement. “Well, you must be hungry by now. Want to grab something to eat before your next training session?” Erik asks. “Yeah, of course!” you answer. Erik drives you to a nice restaurant, and you both walk in. You sit down at one of the tables, order amazing food, and talk about a lot of random things that happened during the day. You both even start laughing about how the substitute teacher in 4th hour fell out of her chair.
  11. After finishing up the food you ordered, Erik insists on paying the bill. You let him, and then he drives you back to the fields. Before you get out of the car, he says “_____, that was really nice. I had a great time,” “So did I,” you reply. You both smile, and then you exit the car. You tell him goodbye before he drives away, and you walk into the field.
  12. You see Adam standing there, smiling at you. “_____! We’re gonna have so much fun!” he says, excitedly. “Great!” you reply, with a smile. He runs over and hugs you, picking you up off the ground as he does it.
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