Teenage Chronicle Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 guise! (: I'm trying to make each quiz come a little faster, but I'm not sure since I have lacrosse season coming up :o but don't worry. I am for sure going to be writing!

So theirs Daniel (Light brown hair, Topaz colored eyes) as a new character so far. As for the old ones I know most of you asked for Patch and Jake. I debating between Alex and Josh though.. and maybe a few others.

Created by: TheRecklessBam
  1. "Wait." I stopped her. "What?" She replied. "Do you see that?" I asked. She looked at me. "See what." "The shadows." I pointed behind her. "What shadows?" She turned around. "The ones that are following us." "I don't see anything!" She looked around. "Their RIGHT there Ezra!" I pointed to the lurking faded shadows floating near the brick wall. "Its not funny. I dont see anything." She said and faced me. Thats when I realized Ezra couldn't see them. I looked at her. "HA! Darn. You didn't fall for my trap." I laughed nervously. "Well off to gym I go." Ezra frowned and walked away. I stood outside my classroom. Chills went down my spine. I looked back to face the shadows but they were no longer there. I was seeing things. "English here I come." I sighed and walked into the classroom. "Hi uh I'm the new student." I said to the lady, which was obviously my teacher. "Ah! Yes _____. Nice to meet you I'm Ms. Johnson." She had short blond hair and dark brown eyes. I nodded in response. "You can sit in that seat right there." She pointed to the table inthe front right of the room. It was next to the window. Ugh great the front. "Your partner seems to not be here today." She said. I nodded at went to my seat.
  2. My seat wasn't that bad. Although it was the front, but I had a good view of the forest. It may be dark and gloomy outside, but it was pretty. I zoned out the whole time. The only good part about being the new kid is that you don't get called on. Ms Johnson started talking about how our next unit is poetry. She lost me at Poetry. I can read books and everything bu poetry? Not my thing. School is general isn't my thing. I slide by with B's and a couple of A's. The class flew by and I walked out after the bell. I didn't find Ezra this time. I checked my schedule. "Oh lunch, duh." I looked around cluelessly. I decided to follow a crowd of people, and I eventually found my way, The lunchroom was pretty big and the lines were already long. I sniffed the air and my stomach growled. Taco's. I haven't ate Taco's in a long time, so I walked slowly into a line. It seemed to go by slowly, and I was beginning impatient. "Dude. She was so easy." A guy said behind me. I heard a bunch of guys laugh. "She was game, bro." Another laughed. "She had the best time of her life this weekend." The guys laughed. I let out a disgusted scoff, but they didn't hear me. Yeah because your so cool. I was shoved from behind and stumbled forward. I angrily turned around. "What was that for?" I yelled at a guy. He had dark brown hair and emerald green eyes. "Woah. I'm sorry It was an accident." He said raising his arms as if he were innocent. There was a group of three or four guys with him. The Daniel kid from your biology was with him. "Really? Well this was an accident too." I kicked him in the shin and he grouted in pain. "Sorry." I smiled and turned forward. His friends laughed at him.
  3. I sort of had a bit of a temper at times. But he shoved me hard, so we were even. "Nice shot. You play soccer?" One of the guys asked me. I didn't bother turning around or even replying. It was quiet for a moment but then they tapped me on the shoulder. I slowly turned around. It was Daniel. "I said do you play soccer." His Topaz colored eyes shined. "No. I don't." I replied. He grinned. "Why so angry?" I stared him down. "I'm not angry. I'm annoyed." I replied. The guy who I kicked said "I can tell." and rubebd his leg. "Why?" Daniel asked. "Because of airheads like you." Daniel grinned again. "Why do you find everything I say funny?" I asked. It was seriosuly creepy. Everything I did of said made him smile, and we're not even friends. "I don't find anything you say funny. I just find you amusing." He smiled at me. It would of been cute but I overhead their conversation and they sounded like players so I didn't take it to heart. "____!" somone called my name and I loked in the direction they came from. Ezra came up next to me. "Hey." I replied. "So you met Daniel and Adam I see." She looked over at them. "Not really. He shoved me so.." I directed to the guy who I kicked, Adam. "Nno you see Daniel and I were rough housing and he shoved me and I accidentally bumped into ____ here, and then." I cut him odd. "I kicked him." I said to Ezra. She gave me her 'WTH' look. "He disserved it." Was my only defense.
  4. "Oh well she's sorry." Ezra smiled at them. "No I'm not." I replied and Ezra pinched my arm. It hurt like hell so I kicked her. "So how do you know ____ already?" Daniel asked. "I've known her for a couple months now actually." Ezra replied. They smiled. "Oh I see." Adam replied. "So are you coming to our game friday?" Daniel asked me. "Uh actually I-" Ezra cut me off. "We're going." She smiled. I looked at her. "We are?" I asked and she nodded at me. The two other guys who were with Daniel and Adam high fived each other and called Ezra a babe, but I don't think she heard. "I'm going to score a touchdown just for _____." Adam grinned at me. "Are you always this c---y?" I asked. "Only when pretty girls are involved. " He smiled in returned. "Next!" A lady called and I turned around. Finally, it was our turn to get our food. Plus I was saved from having any further conversations with these two guys. I grabbed a tray an plopped my food onto it. "Do you want to sit with us?" Daniel and Adam asked. "No thanks." I said and walked away to find an empty table. "
  5. Whats wrong with you?" Ezra said as I sat down. "What?" I questioned. "There the popular-est guys in school! And there cute..." Ezra said and giggled. Great, because I was to be stuck the popluar guys who are pretty much just players. "I don't care." I said to Ezra. "Adam is so into you. He's the football team's quarteback." Ezra playfully elbowed me. "He's also a cocky flirt who happens to be a arrogant player." I took a bite of my taco. Ezra stared at me thoughtfully. "True. But they asked you to sit at their table. That never happens." "oh my god.. thats life changing news!" I replied sarcastically. "What happened to Cory?" I asked Ezra. She shrugged. "It's been two weeks since I last heard from him." Ezra frowned. They've been dating for about three and a half months now, but Cory was still in Australia. And I think Jake is, too. But who knows I haven't heard from him since the night before I left. I started tearing up but told myself not too. They could be back any minute, any day now. But who know's maybe any week, or any month. It's been so long with out them I was becoming so negative. Thats not who I am though. "Are you gunna eat that?" Ezra pointed to my second taco. I shook my head no. "Good because I'm hungrier then a dying pig." She took my taco and shoved it into her mouth. I laughed at Ezra. Ten minutes flew by with out a word, only the noise Ezra would make horking down her food, and mine. "Lunch is almost over." She said. "Full yet?" I joked. She picked up our trash and threw in in a nearby garbage. "Let's walk." She said and I followed. "When is detention." I asked. "Usually after school, sometimes a few days later. It all depends on the teacher's schedule. They announce it at the end of the day." She said. I nodde and continued walking.
  6. The warning bell rang and that was my que to head to my next class, Civics. I hate politics. It's probably because I'm to young to care though. Ezra showed me to my class. I once again introduced myself to my teacher, Mr. Linquest. "Do we have assigned seats?" I asked. He nodded and just as he was about to say something he was interupted. "Nobody sits here!" A voice said and I turned. To my surprise it was Adam. "Ah yes. You can sit there." Mr. Linquest smiled at me. I was silently screaming inside. I walked to my seat and sat down next to the arrogant Adam. "So we meet again." Adam grinned. "So we do." I mumbled. He grinned and I faced forward. "Don't bother talking. Untill you I care about my education." "I said and faced forwawrd. "I do, too. Thats why I'm in four honor classes." My face turned red. I felt stupid. I grinned at me, probably noticing how red I was. "No need to blush, It's normal for girls when there around me." He smiled. "I was actually holding my breath. Wishing I could pass out so I wouldn't have to be here." I smiled back and stared at him. His green eyes were really bright. "Your kind of feisty." He laughed. Thats the second time today someone called me feisty. I have never been called that before, well until today.
  7. I shrugged in response. "Daniel was right. You are amusing to watch." Adam smiled and leaned back in his chair. I rolled my eyes and faced forward. Once again class flew by and the bell rang. I was on my way walking out when I was stopped by Adam. "I'm looking forward to civics tomorrow." He grinned and walked away. I shuddered. If he' a player, hes the last guys I want to be around. He's just being a cocky flirt, who thinks he can get any girl, whih is probably true. and I'm not into all that. "Ready for french?" Ezra came up from behind me. "Uh yeah." I replied. I swear I saw another one of those creepy shadows but I'm probably just going crazy. Ezra and I walked to our french class on the other side of school. "Bonjour I am Mr. Roux." A skinny man said. "Hi- I mean Bounjour I'm ____." I smiled. "You may sit where you like." He pointed around the room. Yes finally! A class where I can sit where I want. Ezra and I looked at each other and grinned. "The back." Ezra said and sat in a desk in the back.
  8. "So Daniel was in my previous class and he's throwing a party after the game on friday." Ezra giggle. "You didn't say yes did you? Its just an excuse to get girls drunk and take advantage of them." I said in disgust. "Thats not true. Daniel is actually a really nice guy, believe it or not." Ezra said. "I'm going to go with or not." I replied. "Aw come on. Losen up, you need to take your mind off of the guys." Ezra gave me her worried look. She was right though. I really did need to take my mind off of them. "I don't know. I'll think about it." I replied. "Goodenough for me." Ezra giggled. "So why are you so harsh towards them?" Ezra asked. "Well one because I got tackled by one of them. And two because I overheard them talking about some girl who was easy and how he gave her the best time of her life." I shuddered. "Eww." Ezra scrunched her face. "Shhh." The kid in front of us said. "You shh!" Ezra hissed back. I laughed. "How do you say hottie alet in french?" Ezra asked and stared towards the door. "I don't know why?" I stared in her direction. A tall guy walked in. He had really dark brown hair and turquoise eyes. He was wearing a blue v-neck that made his eyes pop. He had strong arms, too. "Who is that." I asked nearly drooling. "Thats Jack, the drummer." Ezra giggled. "Jack?" I repeated and Ezra nodded. "Your late Mr. Lewis." Said the teacher. "Don't worry about it. You still get paid right?" Jack said and took a sit a few spots away from you. Everyone in the class laughed. "I'll be seeing you in detention." Mr. Roux said writing something down. The girls all seemed to be swooning over him, but he doesn't know it. "Tell me about him." I asked Ezra. "Well as you know thats Jack Lewis. He's a drummer, and the lacrosse star player. All the girls drool over him but he doesn't really seem to notice, either that or he doesn't care. I wouldn't say he's a bad boy, hes really nice but he is a trouble maker. Likes to do things his way," Ezra giggled and stared at him. He was about two seats over to our right.
  9. I spent the remainder of class listening to Ezra vent about how much she miss's Cory, but I can't complain. I know exactly how she feels. We're both worried sick about the guys. The bell rang and we both walked out. "Time for art." I said. "it's down that hall." Ezra pointed me. "Room C124." Ezra said. "Alright I'll see you later." I said and began to walk. "Meet me at your locker after school!" Ezra called out after me. I found the class room and sat down at an idividual table. They were covered in dust and marker. I observed the sculptues displayed around the classroom, some were really good. I looked up at the door and noticed that Jack walked in. He directed himself to a table one away from mine. "Alright class welcome to a new day. I'm Mr. Pederson." A short sandy haired man introduced himself and the class responded with hello's. "We're starting of out first project with a drawing. Today were going to be drawing some idea's,just making rough drafts and preparing for our final project." Mr. Pederson walked around the class handing us a pile of paper. He showed us some examples of different kinds of art and then let us begin. I've always been good at art when I did it on my own time, or when I wasn't being rushed. Today was one of those days. I put all my emotions into the paper and made sure every little detail was perfect.. well almost perfect. At first I didn't know what I was going to draw, I wasn't even sure what I was doing I just let my hand draw out details. After fifteen minutes of drawing my heart out I stared at my picture. I drew the forest outside of the school. It was actually pretty good. I knew I was good, but this was amazing. It almost looked real. "Very Impressive!" Mr Pederson said from behind me. I jumped. "Sorry. I didn't mean to scare ou, but wow. This is amazing." He grabed the paper. "You call this a rough draft? This could be considered a reall drawing." He laughed to hmself. "Do you mind if I show this to the class?" He asked but before I could deny it he walked to the front of the class. "One of the many different things you can draw. Nature." Mr pederson showed it to the class and they murmured little things. "But this amazing creation was made by one of your own classmates." They all exchanged looks with each other. "Who?" A kid asked. "Why the new student ______ ______" Mr Pederson gestured to me a beamed a giant smile. The whole class turned and faced me. I froze in my seat not knowing what to do so I stared around the class. I happened to look at Jack who was staring at me. He had no expression though, but I could tell he was studying me with his bright blueish green eyes. I quickly looked away pretending I didn't notice him. "Your really good!" A kid yelled and a few others agreed. I replied a quick thanks. "Well now that you have some idea of what to do, continue with your work class." Mr Pederson said and brought me back my drawing.
  10. I added in a few minor details into my drawing and finished a lot earlier. So I packed up and waited for the bell to ring. I looked around the classroom taking glimpses of the what others were drawing. Some were weird but some were good. Like Jack's who I happened to notice. He was drawing a girl. She looked really beautiful. It was so realistic and detailed. I looked back to the wall with pictures there were so many different ideas, full of color and even dark shades. The bell finally rang a few minutes later. Thank god school is over. It's been a really long first day. I walked out of the class and directed myself to my locker. I was sort of use to the school now that I've walked around in it. Ezra was already at my locker. "Yay! How was art?" She asked. I leaned against the locker next to mine as Ezra spinned my combo. "It was good. Jack's in my class." I said opening my locker. Ezra cleared her throat. "Excuse me." I heard a low voice come from behind me. I turned around and of course Jack was standing right there. "Oh uh sorry." I blushed and moved aside and stood in front of my locker. "I was hoping we could maybe skip detention and go shopping." Ezra laughed. I peered over to my left. Jack's locker was the one next to mine. He opened his not minding us. "We can't Ezra. I already got detention on my first day. I'm sure there going to love us." I replied. "True, plus Mr. Babe isn't that bad." She giggled. I put my books into my locker and shut it. I laughed and started to walk. Ezra walked by my side babbleing something about Mr. Gabe. As we were getting closer to turn the hall, not knowing why but I turned back to look at Jack. But to my surprise he was already looking at me, watching me walk away.

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