How well do you know Fifty Shades of Grey?

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How well do you know the #1 New York Times Bestseller novel, Fifty Shades of Grey? This had got to be the most kinkiest novel ever, but how well do you know this erotic story? Are you that big of a fan?

If you're a fan, surely you would know exactly what I am talking about in this quiz. In this quiz, you are to answer the correct answer that follows up the first book: Fifty Shades of Grey. Good luck! ♥

Created by: rvelez
  1. What is Anastasia last name?
  2. Why couldn't Katherine (Kate) be the one to attend the meeting?
  3. How does Christian look like?
  4. What is Anastasia's car called?
  5. What is the name of Anastasia's guy friend?
  6. Where does Anastasia work at?
  7. Who is Katherine?
  8. True or false: Grey Enterprises Holdings is Christian's business's name.
  9. What does Anastasia want to be?
  10. Who is Christian's assistant/ worker/employee.
  11. What type of girls do Christian like?
  12. What is Christian's helicopter's name?
  13. Where did "laters, baby" come from?
  14. Who is Kate with?
  15. What is Anastasia's habit?
  16. What does Ana refers the playroom to?
  17. What did Christian's parents thought he was?
  18. Who likes Anastasia?
  19. What is Christian's mother's name?
  20. Who does Christian refer to as "crack whore"?
  21. Fill in the blank: "I'm not a ____ and ____ kind of guy."
  22. Which step dad does Ana really love?
  23. Who's Kate's brother?
  24. Who is Christian's sister?
  25. What does Christian hate?
  26. Why does Christian hate being touched?
  27. Full in the blank: "I'm _____ shades of _____."
  28. Who "took care" of Christian when he was young and alone?
  29. What is Jose's job?
  30. Fill in the blank: "We aim to _____."
  31. Who is Mrs. Jones?
  32. True it false: Christian wants to help the people/hungry etc.
  33. True or false: Ana hates tea.
  34. Where does Ana work at after receiving her degree?
  35. Who is Jack Hyde?
  36. Why does Ana hate Mrs. Robinson/Elena?
  37. What are the scars on Christian from?
  38. True or false: Dr. Flynn is Ana's doctor.
  39. True or false: Mrs. Robinson saved Christian from a destructive path by distracting him when he was young.
  40. What does Christian play?
  41. In the end, why did Ana break up and left Christian?

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