How well do you know me?

You may think you know. But you have NO idea. This is the quiz, of Andrew Elsass. See what I did thur? MTV parody, coming at you. Need one hundred and fifty letters for this box...

Some questions are somewhat original, some aren't and will be a piece of cake if you know me in the least. Need one hundred and fifty letters for this box also...

Created by: Andrew
  1. I've been thinking on and off about joining the military after high school- which branch am I thinking about joining?
  2. What is my all time favorite movie, that I can quote in its entirety from beginning to end?
  3. What do I want to major in in college?
  4. My favorite band?
  5. My favorite type of music?
  6. Which ESPN celebrity did I meet at a local golf tournament?
  7. If I ever got a tattoo, where would I want it?
  8. *nerd question* My favorite drum corps?
  9. What was the first looping roller coaster I ever rode?
  10. If I could go ANYWHERE to college, regardless of cost, location or if they had my major or not, it'd be:
  11. What actress did I have a huge crush on when I was younger?
  12. My ideal weight?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?