How Well Do You Know Slogans

Paragraph 1 must not contain gibberish or excessive repeating characters. I Love Candie. BLAHBLAHBLAH! I don't know what to say!!!!!! Hello goodbye hand sanitizer! Ceiling light. Do the quiz

Candie!!!! Jelly beans! M&M's stuff bed couch computer one hundred more letters to go now its eighty five no Its fifty!! Now only thirty more letters.

Created by: Bella M.
  1. Whose Slogan is this? "It's Finger Licken Good!"
  2. Who's slogan is this? "Just Do It"
  3. Who's Logo is this? "Lifes Good"
  4. who's slogan is this? "Save Money. Live Better."
  5. who's logo is this? "Ideas for Life"
  6. who's logo is this? "Your in good hands"
  7. who's logo is this? "The World On Time"
  8. Who's logo is this? "The Ultimate Driving Machine"
  9. Who's logo is this? "Think Different"
  10. who's logo is this? "America's Drive-In"

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Slogans