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How American are you? Do you know your stuff about the founding of our country? Hm well lets see... um yes if i can just get this over with you will...hold on ha 150 letters!

bye i hope you have a great day apparently you cant put gibberish or excessive repeating letters in this stuff now. yeah so hold on just a few it

Created by: Jack Attack 1995
  1. In what year was the Declaration of Independence written?
  2. Who is Mercy Otis Warren?
  3. How about Nathanial Greene?
  4. Easy one: George Washington?
  5. Who was NOT a writer of the Declaration Of Independence?
  6. Why was that document written?
  7. Who wrote Common Sense?
  8. Who was not part of the American army?
  9. Who helped the Americans (out of these)?
  10. Who said, Give me Liberty! Or give me death!
  11. Why did the war even begin?
  12. Who was Tempe Wick?
  13. Who engraved the drawing of the Boston Massacre?
  14. Did Paul Revere finish his ride into Concord and Lexington?
  15. What was the most destructive weapon the armies had?
  16. Okay so rate comment I might do a part 2 with harder questions if you guys ask...

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