Which Sola/Robbins local are you?

If you know who we are...or if you don't, and you're bored and looking for random quizzes, this is the quiz for you. Find out if you are anything like the weird Sola/Robbins kids...

This revolutionary quiz is the most amazing thing on this planet. Find out if you have a low IQ...if you like Min-Mins...if you've EVER HEARD OF THE GO HOME HAPPY HOUR!!!!!

Created by: Dan McDavid
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you consider yourself to be emo or scene?
  2. Boyfriend/girlfriend??
  3. I am most like this Sonic the Hedgehog character...
  4. I am most like this Star Wars character...
  5. Go Home Happy Hour is the greatest show ever?
  6. Kronik Grind or Monster?
  7. MySpace or Facebook?
  8. KFC or Taco Bell?
  9. What best describes your musical taste?
  10. Clothing style...
  11. Was this quiz retarded?

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Quiz topic: Which Sola/Robbins local am I?