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Hi everyone, I'm dedicating this quiz series to '' The Amazing Aria ". She is my role-model, inspiration and so on. She's the best. My writing skills are bad. But i tried my best. So, please forgive me if this quiz is bad. This is a normal Love story quiz series. Now excuse me, I got work to do.

Ashley Hayden [YOU]: Petite, Jet black Long Poker straight hair with blunt bangs, Brown eyes. Sydney Hayden: Tall, Light blonde Long wavy hair with lots of loose waves giving plenty of volume, Blue eyes. Keith: Tall, Jet black short straight hair, Green eyes. Brad: Tall, Dirty blonde Medium straight shaggy hair, Grey eyes.

Created by: SimplyDawn
  1. Your name is Ashley Hayden. You're 16 and half yrs old. You are going to EastBritto highschool. When you were 9 super-rich Mr&Mrs.Hayden adopted you. They have a daughter of your age but they still adopted you. They treat you equally with their own daughter. Sydney is their daughter's name. You and Sydney having nothing in common but you are bff's. You're a Straight A student, she doesn't care about grades. She's a popular chick, you don't have friends. She's a beauty queen, you're just beautiful. She's a loudmouth, you're a shy gal. The list goes on and on.
  2. ''Its been said and done, Every beautiful thought's been already sung, And i guess right now here's another one, So your melody will play on and on, with the best of 'em. You are beautiful, like a dream come alive incredible. A sinful, miracle, lyrical, you've saved my life again. And i want you to know baby. I, I love you like a love song baby, I, I love you like a love song baby, I, I love you like a love song baby. And i keep hitting re-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat-peat. . . .'' Selena Gomez's song sang on your alarm. You got up and stretched a little. You brushed your teeth, took shower, you chose to wear a black skinny jeans, grey TWILIGHT t-shirt and black high heels, you put your hair in a half-updo, finished your makeup, got your backpack and headed towards dining table. Your mom is waiting for you and your sister. 'Good morning mom' you said to your mom and waited for Sydney. You guys always eat together.
  3. 'Sorry, sorry, sorry. I kept you waiting' Sydney came saying like a maniac a few seconds later. 'Mondays are miserabe . Isn't it Syd?' you asked Sydney. 'Hell yeah. I hate mondays' Sydney said in reply. You and your mum laughed. 'Eww that's disgusting' Sydney said pointing to your t-shirt. 'youre just jealous Syd' you teased her. 'Okay okay stop talking and eat breakfast. Otherwise youre going to miss your classes' you mom said with a stern tone. You guys finished your breakfast and said goodbye to your mum and got in your Silver BMW. 'Wait i forgot something' you got out of the car saying. You ran back to your house. You said 'Goodbye mom' as you hugged your mom. Your mom kissed your forehead. 'Bye baby' youre mom smiled as she said to you. You ran back to your car. 'Can we go now?' Sydney asked you. 'Yeah' you chuckled as Sydney drove the car to your school.
  4. You guys reached school, parked your car and headed to your lockers. Your locker is next to Sydney's. You picked your books for the class which is English, said bye to Sydney and parted ways. English class went well. Actually every class went well. Soon school was over. You got your backpack from your locker and started walking home.
  5. Yes! You had to walk to your home because Sydney had a date with her boyfriend. Yes she have a boyfriend. He's the sexiest man alive. That's what you thought about her boyfriend. Suddenly a Yellow Lamborghini stopped in front of you.
  6. You know who is it. 'Brad' you muttered. Brad was your classmate. The ultimate bad boy. But, he was always nice to you and you never knew why. 'Hey Ash! Comeon i'll drop you at your home' he smiled at you as he said. 'No its okay Brad. I'll walk' you said awkwardly. 'Oh comeon Ash its not a big deal' he smiled again. 'Okay but only because i like your car' you joked and got into his car. 'Did you hear that?' he asked you as he started to drive his car. 'What' you asked him innocently. 'The sound of my heart breaking into pieces' he said jokingly with a serious look in his face. 'Stop it Brad' you said shyly. 'Ok Ok i'm just kidding' he said in reply.
  7. Brad din't ask about the reason for you walking. Because he already knew. Everybody know that Sydney was dating Keith. Even your mom and dad. Its regular that you always walk when Sydney and Keith have a date. Sydney was the most popular girl in your school. Keith was even more popular than Sydney. Keith's family was rich just like yours. As a result, every girl in your school was jealous of Sydney.
  8. Soon you reached your home. 'Um Thanks for the ride Brad' you said 'Anytime. See you tommorow Ash' Brad said to you. You stood there until his car disappeared from your view. You got into your house, said hi to your mom. Had a little chat with your dad. Ate some snacks and headed to your room.
  9. You changed into your PJ's and started doing your homework. But you got bored in the middle of it. So you decided to watch Supernatural DVD. Soon you got lost into the Winchester brothers lives. ''What part of Vampires don't you understand Sam? Look, if its Supernatural, we kill it, end of story, that's our job'' Dean Winchester argued with his brother Sam. 'yeah kill it Sam kill it' you screamed. Suddenly your phone rang. You took your phone and saw its from Keith. 'Keith' you muttered to yourself.
  10. ||CLIFFHANGER|| That's it for now guys. Its super-short. I hope you liked it. I'll make longer parts from part2. Now i want to share something with you, This is for Aria, Aria is the most innovative writer in GTQ. Her series Mysterious & Unexpected events is so classic. I liked the way she merged the lead character into the world of Harry Potter. And her other series Noitect is activated is another powerful series in which there are several Superheroes in a single series. Its really amazing. Both series are my favourites. She is so talanted. She is like 21st century's Oscar Wilde. Be Aria and Be Nice.
  11. There is another great writer known as WTF_NINJA. I've fallen crazy in love with her series Crazy for you. She makes me laugh all the time. My favourite is Matt. I would like to call him Cutie Mattie. I love it so much. And also i think her another series called Love under the sea is so lovely. I think she should continue it. She keeps me pretty entertained and laughing.
  12. xxblutixx. Oh my god. I keep taking her quizzes but it never ends. Its like digging for treasure. She is so monumental. I like Kris. No I like Jack. No, i like both. But, i like xxblutixx more even if two of them are combined. Be xxblutixx and Be Thrilling.

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