Pick Restaurants and I'll Guess the Color Of Your Hair!

This quiz will tell you what your hair color is based on your restaurant choices. Yes, I am magical, and you better believe it. So yay! I'm a good boy! I created a quiz! It was easy! I am magical!

Are you proud of me! Are you! Are you! Are youuuuu! I'm so magic comment if you want more of my magical amazing ness and you are welcome too lololol.

Created by: CreativeAugust05
  1. McDonalds or Burger King?
  2. Olive Garden or Pizza Hut?
  3. Chick-fil-a or Sizzler?
  4. Del Taco or Taco Bell?
  5. Little Caesar's or Domino's?
  6. Smash Burger or Dunkin Donuts?
  7. Wendy's or the Training Table?
  8. Chili's or Chuck-a-Rama?
  9. Arby's or Dairy Queen?
  10. Arctic Circle or KFC?
  11. 5 Guys or Subway?
  12. IHOP or Crown Burger?
  13. Village Inn or Denny's?
  14. Panda Express or Outback Steakhouse?
  15. Red Lobster or the Cheesecake Factory?
  16. Starbucks or Carl's Jr.?
  17. Wingstop or Jersey Mike's subs?
  18. Hooters or Tim Hortons?

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Quiz topic: Pick Restaurants and I'll Guess the Color Of my Hair!