-Dear GoToQuiz-

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Dear GoToQuiz, you are now receiving a virtual letter from one of your users: rvelez. She has some things to say to you so this gotta be fun. Weeee.. Jus' kidding. .3\

I've always wanted to say thanks but never got the chance to. So I finally had the time to do so and so here it is, GoToQuiz world. A letter. o3o From me.

Created by: rvelez
  1. Dear GoToQuiz,
  2. After hearing my sister giggle about something and reading someone's quiz story, I decided to join.
  3. If it weren't for you, I don't know what I would be doing at this very moment with my life. You got me started on writing AND drawing and I'll love to thank you for that because if I never joined, I swear I would be doing something kids do.
  4. I was fourteen when I joined you- OHMAHGAWD DON'T BE MAD AT ME I KNOW ONLY 15 AND UP ONLY- but now it's alright because now I'm sixteen, turning seventeen. Anyways, I was very young and passive. I didn't know much about personalities, music, writing and drawing.
  5. Things like hypocites, stereotypes etc as well. All my life, I've focused on books, school, fitting in, trying to impress certain people and bullies. But that was up to eighth grade. I kind of stopped because my mind started to churn. You changed me.
  6. Thanks to you, my writing has progessed and it's better than ever! I want to become an author now. Let's not forget the users you hold, now. Most of them are inspirational! They helped as well!
  7. I am in the point where I compare the people on here and the people in real life. Most of the time, I wish people in the real world were like GoToQuizers because all of us atleast have something great in common! If I never joined here, I wouldn't be listening to the awesome music I am listening right now. Or drawing and writing.
  8. Another thing why the people here are brillant is because they taught me sooo much. They taught me how I handle things and thanks to them, I am now assertive and honest in real life. Thanks to them, I can finally be free. I can finally not care what others think about me! Because these people show the real meanings of life. I am confident now. Independent. All thanks to the GoToQuizers. I would be nowhere without you all.
  9. This site also showed me that judging people is rude like homosexuals. I've never really cared about this subject but now it touches me. And that if you like the same gender, you like the same gender! No one but yourself can change that and you accept people for who they are.
  10. Oh, and you respect people's opinions. ♥
  11. Sincerely, rvelez

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