How much do you know about me?Part 1:what you think

Some people know me. Some people (more of the general population of the world)don't. HOw well do you *THINK* you know me? Think, my dear Watson, think!

Think, my dear Watson, think! Think and you shall be rewarded with info on me which will help you with the second part of this quiz, look for it soon on gotoquiz: "How much do you know about me?Part 2:You know..."

Created by: rubber paw
  1. How much do you think you know about me?
  2. How many favorite numbers do you think I have?
  3. I will let you choose two of them. What is one of my favorite numbers?
  4. ANd another one of my fav numbers?
  5. Fill in the blanks! My goldfish named ______ has lived __ months, which equals __ years.
  6. (Blanks again I know you love them lol) I have _______ hair and ______ eyes.
  7. What kind of instrument do I play?
  8. Do I enjoy my instrument? Also how long have I been playing and am I thinking of quitting?
  9. What two kinds of cheese do I like best? Pick one here and in the next...
  10. My other fav cheese:
  11. Do I have enough questions to quit this now?
  12. My fav food ever... *edit before I'm even done writing this out originally lol* My fav DRINK ever?
  13. Do I like cookies? Particularly Chocolate chip, Snickerdoodles, Ginger snaps, Sugar, Gingerbread, Chocolate w/White choc. chips, pinwheels, etc.?
  14. Is this going to be my last question? (it's dum since you can see for yourself. I'll just make this easy for you.
  15. Just so you know... answer with the second yes above for the better score... THis isn't really a question so much. just say okay.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about me?Part 1:what you think