Your life in GTQ

Hi! My GTQ Love Story was so successful, that I decided to make another quiz like it! In this one, you will not be a certain GTQ user. You will have the role of a new GTQ user.

Together, you and the users will go on an adventure (trust me, the craziest things happen when you're sucked inside GTQ). The choices will be made by you. I hope you enjoy! I tried to include more users than last time!

Created by: Unknown User
  1. You take a breath before pressing "Create Account". It started loading before taking you to a screen that said "Account Created!". You smiled. You finally had a GoToQuiz account! But then, the screen started glowing. Before you know it, you're gone.
  2. You groan and open your eyes. You see a girl with big, blue eyes and her dark hair in a ponytail. "Are you okay?" she asked in a sweet, high-pitched voice. You nod. "What is this place? Who are you?" you ask. She smiled. "I'm June_Roses! But you can call me June." You nod. She offered her hand to help you up.
  3. As you stand up, you ask, "So what is this place?" you ask. "It's GoToQuiz!" June said. "Wait, what?" you exclaim. "No, no. You're joking right?" "No, she's speaking the truth," a voice from behind said. You turn around and see a brown cat with yellow eyes. "I'm Eclipsestar228. But call me Eclipse." "Wait, so I just got sucked into the site that I just barely made an account for?" you ask. "Let's talk in the lounge, with the others," June says, walking towards a room.
  4. You walk in the opposite direction. "Wait, where are you going?" Eclipse asked. "To explore a bit," you reply. "Are you sure? It can get really dangerous," Eclipse said. "Fine! I'll go into the lounge!" you exclaimed, running into the Lounge.
  5. You enter the Lounge. It has a ton of books and couches. June is sitting on a couch with a blond-haired girl with blue eyes. There a neko laying on the ground. And a orange haired girl sitting on the ceiling by a 9 foot creature. "These are some of the GTQ users. The others are somewhere else," June says. "Everyone this is... Oh, um, what's your GTQ name?"
  6. "Cool name," says a girl wearing blue and purple as she enters the room with a guy with white hair with black roots. You turn around and face them. How many users are there? "Okay, everyone say who you are. We want to welcome GTQ's new user!" June said.
  7. "Okay, I'm Gacha_Summer. But please, call me Summer," the orange-haired girl on the ceiling said.
  8. "I'm pheonix_pharaoh," the 9 foot purple creature who was also on the ceiling said.
  9. "I'm Emowoman. Feel free to call me Emo or Usagi," said the blond haired girl beside June.
  10. Soon, you know everyone in the room. "So you're new?" June asked. You look at your feet shyly and nod. "I had just made my account and before I know it, I'm here." "Waiiit, new users don't have profile pics. Is that what you really look like?" Spice asked. You look down at your body. You were wearing the same clothes you were wearing when you made your account.
  11. Soon, the room started to fill with light. All the users shielded their eyes with their hands. You look around. You couldn't see the couches or bookshelves anymore. "What's going on?" you ask, anxious. "Another monster or something," pheonix replied. "ANOTHER monster? This has happened before?" you yell. Soon the light faded. You open your eyes and see everyone laying on the ground, eyes closed.
  12. You gently shake Carlos back and forth. "Wake up," you say. He opens one eye. "Oh, so you're not dead," you say. "Why would I be dead?" he asked with a chuckle. You shrug. You saw Emo sit up. And then Spice. Then Eclipse. Pretty soon, everyone was on their feet again. "Okay, what is it this time?" Vio asked, looking around. "Let's split up into groups. Then after an hour or so, we meet here and tell each other what we found," June said. Everyone nodded. "Are you the leader?" you ask June. June shakes her head. "We don't have a leader. We're just one big group of friends."
  13. June started calling out groups. "Eclipse, pharaoh, and Spice. Gacha, Vio, and Carlos. Me, Emo, and.." she turned to you. "Do you want to come with us?"
  14. "Okay, we have our groups. Look around, if you make it alive meet here in an hour. Search for clues that could tell us where we are, or how to get back to GTQ," June said. You followed her and Emo.
  15. "So you got sucked in right when you made your account?" June asked. You nod. "So um, do you like shipping people?" June asked. You raise an eyebrow. "I don't think so." Emo giggled. "June's basically the GTQ cupid." June smiled. "Oh, that reminds me. I've got to get you and Carlos on a date!" At the sound of this, you perked up.
  16. "What about Carlos?" you asked. Emo sighed. "Oh, I guess I kinda... um..." "Love him!" June squealed. "You love Carlos?" you ask Emo. Emo blushed and nodded with a smile.
  17. You come to a dead end. You spot a bookshelf with only one book on the middle shelf. You grin and pull it. The shelf turns and reveals a secret passage. You walk inside, it's dark.
  18. Suddenly, you're falling. It's booby-trapped! You hang onto the edge for dear life. Your left hand slipped off. You try your best to hang on with your sore right hand.
  19. "Help!" you cry. But since you don't have anyone around, no one came to your aid. Your hand slips off, and you fall to your death. (Hit submit)
  20. Emo and June grab your wrist and pull you up to safety. "Thanks," you say, panting. "No problem!" June says. Emo nodded. "Anything for a fellow GTQ user!" There are 3 doors ahead. You peek inside each one. One has falling rocks, another had poisonous gas, and the last had bees flying everywhere. Which one do you go through?
  21. Emo and June also took a look at each door. "Which one?" wondered June. "Let's do the one with the rocks?" you suggest. They look at each other and nod. You all run through the room. A rock hits Emo, knocking her on the ground. June, too. You see the exit up ahead. Almost there... BAM! You fall to the ground, dead. (Hit submit)
  22. Both Emo and June were also wondering which door is safest. "Let's go into the one with the gas," you say. You go through the door, June and Emo behind you. "I don't feel so good..." Emo moaned, clutching her stomach. June nodded in agreement. They both swayed for a moment before falling. You suddenly feel the same pain they were. You fall, dead.
  23. Emo and June took turns peeking into the doors. "I think the one with the bees is safest," you say. "After all, they don't sting you unless you bother them." Soon, you are out of the room, unharmed.
  24. "Well, we've got to be extra careful," you say. Emo nods. You hear voices coming from a hall. Eclipse, Spice, and pharaoh came running in, panting. "Don't go in there," Spice said once she saw you. They looked as if they had been running for a year nonstop.
  25. Soon, the room started filling with water. "Ack! Water!" Spice and Eclipse yelled in unison. With Eclipse being a cat, and Spice being half cat, them freaking out about water made sense. Slowly, the water started to fill the room.
  26. "We're gonna die!" Emo yelled. "Well, you are, but I'm not," pheonix said. "Very helpful!" June said sarcastically. "Guys, we've got to work together!" you say.
  27. "Okay, I've got an idea," June said. "But we'll need Gacha." Spice rolled her eyes. "Gacha's not here at the moment." "Oh, right," June said, biting her lip. The water was rising higher. "Guys, we've got to hurry!" you say.
  28. The water was up to your waist now. Pheonix was floating in the air. "If only we could all float," Emo said. "Wait, I've got an idea!" June said. June turned into GoddessHeart and created a force field around everyone. "Wow! How did you do that?" you ask. "I transformed into my alt!" June replied. "Your what?" you ask. "Basically an extra account," Eclipse said.
  29. Soon, the water was up to the ceiling. It stayed there for a few minutes and then slowly started to drain. Soon all the water was gone. GoddessHeart transformed back into June_Roses. "Whew, that was too close," Spice said. Soon, Vio, Carlos, and Gacha ran into the room! "We found the way back to GTQ!" Gacha cried. Everyone started cheering. "But there is some bad news..." Vio said. The room was silent.
  30. "What's the bad news?" you ask. "Well, it's not a monster or anything," Carlos informed you, and everyone sighed with relief. "It's just a riddle," he said. "What's so bad about that?" Eclipse asked. "Well, we only have one chance to get it right..." Vio said. "And if we get it wrong..." Gacha continued. "We DIE," Carlos finished. Everyone gasped. "What's the riddle?" Emo asked.
  31. "I'm flat, but I'm still tall. I rise with the wind, but without it, I fall," Gacha, Vio, and Carlos said in unison. "That's all!?" you asked. They nod. "Okay, what're our options?" Spice asked. "A... leaf?" suggested Eclipse. "A feather, I think," Emo said. "A piece of paper for sure!" June said. "Let's go to the door, and then...," pharaoh said, "then you can answer," pharaoh said, looking at you. You gulp. You cannot let everyone down.
  32. You approach the door. You try to tug on the handle. It was locked. "I am flat, but I'm still tall. I rise with the wind, but without it, I fall. What am I?" a loud voice boomed. You took a breath. "You are a...
  33. "Leaf." You close your eyes. Soon, you hear groaning from behind you. They were dead! You frown before joining them... (Hit submit)
  34. "Feather." You feel the ground under you start shaking.Soon, the door opened, and you and the others walked through the door, entering GTQ. Everyone started cheering. Vio and Gacha hugged. Eclipse and Spice started spinning around in circles. June and Emo squealed. Carlos and pharaoh sighed with relief. Soon, once the room quieted down, June turned to you. "You were a great help! But it's up to you. Would you like to stay and join us, or go back to the real world?" (Hit submit)
  35. "Piece of paper." Nothing. There was silence. You turn around to the others, only to find that they were turned to stone. You look down at your feet. They were stone. The stone built around your body, until you were nothing but a stone statue. (Hit Submit)

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