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Just a quick quiz on whether or not I should make a quiz if been contemplating writing. I really like the idea but want to know if the gotoquiz users will

Please make sure to comment your thoughts. Id love any feed back you have or any suggestions. And I promise this will not get in the way of Dwmigod Love Story.

Created by: ilyvolleyball

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  1. OK hi im the author of the Demigod Love Story quizzes. If you are a fan, do not worry, if I make this quiz it will not get in the way of those. ((: If you have never read my Demigod Love Story quizzes I suggest you do ((:
  2. Ok, so the name of the quiz series would be: Whispers and Lies. I hope you like the name, if not, once you read what the quiz is about, please feel free to leave reccomendations in the comments!
  3. Its about a girl named Alison(you). Alison just moved to California from Arizona and is excited about the change in her life. She needs change. Alison's life has been anything but easy. Shes been loved, hated, broken, and scarred, literally. You see, Alison used to be clinically depressed, and USED TO cut her wrist.
  4. When Alison was young, her life was never easy. I dont want to spoil what ruined her though.
  5. The story is about Alison trying to overcome her past and, of course, the people in her life that will help her.
  6. But not everyone wants to help Alison. Along with friends, everyone has enemies. And everyone has secrets those enemies are waiting to spill.
  7. Thank you so much for your opinoin. I wont be buthurt about the results so be honest.
  8. So, Should I post it?
  9. Alrighty well that all, I hope you like the idea becuase im excited to write it. Oh and one more thing it will be in first person POV. Is that ok?
  10. Ok ((: Thats all Thanks agian for your opinion!

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