Click here! I need to ask you something!

I have a very important question for you guys to answer! But it's only for gotoquiz users! Please answer my question in the comments! I would really appreciate it!

Please answer my question! This question is only for gotoquiz users!It's not hard! It;s not hard at all! Please! And check out my other quizzes! It will say on the quiz! I also have other questions that are not about gotoquiz.

Created by: cookie

  1. I have a question for you! But it's only for people who is a gotoquiz user.
  2. I want you to answer it in the comments!
  3. Here is the question: How old do you have to be to be to create a gotoquiz account? What happens next after you create a gotoquiz account?
  4. First, make sure you read the question. Second, please answer! I want to know! I don't have a gotoquiz account!
  5. Oh, and...Do you need to write your email to have a gotoquiz account? Please answer all of the questions in the comments!
  6. I will answer!: Thank you guys so much! You are the best! No I will not!: Then get out of here you rude people! Why did you take this quiz!
  7. And please, please, PLEASE tell me what I should ask for my 11th birthday! If you like you can comment your answer here or you can answer in this quiz called "What should I ask for my 11th birthday?" by me!
  8. Make sure you read the last question!
  9. Please take my other quizzes like "Confusing love! part one!", "Confusing love! part two!", and "Please go here! Thanks! :)" They are all also by me!
  10. Goodbye you awesome people!

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