I want you to take this for a second please...

This is the story of my life, and gotoquiz. The best quiz website you could ever be in in your whole entire life. I know it's long but please read it.

Dear gotoquiz fans and makers, What you are going to see is true and painful, so be aware of that. But I still want you to read it. Please. I would like it if you did that.

Created by: kittens
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  1. I remember when I came to gotoquiz. All nice and good and no hating. I loved gotoquiz.
  2. A couple months later...It was like a meteor hit the ground. Everyone started swearing, hating, and saying bad things in their quizzes.
  3. A lot of people said..."Stop! Stop! We can't do no more!" but they still kept going like they ain't havin' any ears or eyes.
  4. Today, it still happens. And no one even dares to stand up...for gotoquiz.
  5. I expected that the future would be like the past. But no. It had to be like this.
  6. Like war. Like bullying you know. You just can't stop doin' that
  7. My heart burns with fire of anger. The goodness of me flew out into the wild while the badness holds onto me.
  8. I said stop so many times that my mouth was just runnin' out of words. I wanted to say stop again, but there was no more
  9. I didn't have any words, but I still had a keyboard. Keyboards never run out of words. I type and type "Stop! Stop please!" but It still continues
  10. I don't like war. I don't like war at all. They are nightmares that drown away.
  11. Nightmares are knifes. They cut you to pieces. And that was how hate, swearing, bad things were. They cut you to pieces. They cut you to pieces, take your heart, and throw it in the trash.
  12. That's how my life is on gotoquiz. But that didn't happen in the past. The past was like heaven being born on earth.
  13. It was like a happy ending in a movie.
  14. my heart was growing larger and larger that day. And it was finally grown. But when the future came by...
  15. it was shrinking my heart, making it as small as an ant on his back just trying to get back into its feet.
  16. I am going to check the new quiz list, and IF I see a quiz right on top of mines that has swearing, random words, junk text, text for phones, or anything else...
  17. I will report it right away! I cannot take no more! Get gotoquiz back to normal right now!! Good...bye! (In a bad way)

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