A Nobody's life Pt. 1

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This is my first story quiz. Its about a girl who's life turns upside down when this new boy enters her life. Welcome to the journey of April Wade, a nobody.

No need to read this. I'm just a poor boy and I need no sympathy, because I'm easy come, easy go, little high, little low. Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter to me.

Created by: GlambertChick

  1. Hi! I'm April Wade, your average high school loser, a nobody, a loser. I know I shouldn't underestimate myself like this, but I wish my life was a little, just a little bit more eventful. But it isn't, that's why I hate it!
  2. The only thing interesting that happens in my life is the Friday night TV shows, but that makes me feel even more pitiful because it makes me realize that I don’t have anything to do on a weekend night. Things are so normal, almost too normal… normal parents… normal little genius of a sister… normal high school… normal friends, wait! I don’t HAVE friends… a normal end-of-the-world town. But you won’t understand, you probably have a lot to do on your weekend, right?
  3. So, anyway, I’ll stop whining. I’ve a normal school to go to on a perfectly normal Wednesday. I’m in 10th grade. I get ready and head off to school. Once inside school my inner self starts complaining again, “Why don’t you put on a better outfit, why don’t you try to make friends?” I shut them all out. Whenever I don’t want to listen to anyone I just shut their voice out.
  4. I looked around as I walked down the hall. I saw kids standing around in groups, talking and laughing loudly. Then one girl looked at me up to down and laughed then continued talking to her friends.
  5. Now I wished more than ever I had a friend. But I was all alone in a hall full of people. Do you know a moment when there’s sunshine and rainbows all around, but you are just walking under a dark cloud and its pouring down on you. These moments make up my life.
  6. I went to my homeroom. No teacher! As I settled at my desk in the front I saw Mike Wadley and Teresa Jones making out in the back. I let out a quite sigh. I wish I had a boyfriend, let alone a boyfriend I don’t even know any boys. Lost in my day dreams of Prince Charming I didn’t even notice that someone was standing by my desk.
  7. “Hey! Excuse me?” A boy stood there tapping against my desk. “Uh, hey,” I stammered. Wow, he’s hot, his black hair and dreamy pale blue eyes. He asked,” Is this Mr. Farber’s class?” “Yes,” I said,” Are you new here?” “Yeah, joining in the middle of the semester isn’t that great!” I just smiled. “By the way,” he said,” I’m Scott Martin.” “I’m April Wade,” I said. “So, friends?” I couldn’t believe a guy actually wanted to be my friend! “yeah, why not!” I said. Then he settled in his seat as Mr. Fraber entered.
  8. I just floated through the rest of my classes until lunch time. I loaded my tray with junk and sat down at a table near the window where my only friend, Megan, was waiting for me. She was so good, I trusted her a lot. We’ve been together since kindergarten. We started talking about stuff. Then I told her about Scott. She said,” If I were you I would stay clear off him, I heard he’s been in major trouble in his previous schools.” I ignored Megan, I mean I know Scott he’s a good guy. But as I sat nibbling my sandwich I wondered what kind of trouble had he been in.
  9. I had no idea that soon I would be neck deep in it...
  10. CLIFFHANGER!! This is the end of the first part of my first story quiz. Stay tuned for more. Don't forget to rate. Tell me if I should make part 2. Any feedback and suggestion is always welcome. Please help me improve. Thank you and goodbye! Take care!

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