I Know Your Secret pt.15 IS OUT~rvelez~

Helo my amigos.Yes I'm mexicanXD who would ever guess:P but anyways,I just released pt.15 of I Know Your Secret.Oh and pt.4 of Falling Feathers will be released sometime nezt week.Sorry:PScoll down for more detail,ok buddy bubba?:)~

Scoll a little more and a little more until you see the first paragraph:P I feel hyper but sleepy which doesn't make sense*.* anyways...scoll down or I'll blow up please*puts on explosive bomb necklace* lol and can someone tell me why they didn't post my quiz out.It makes me sad and kinda angry>:(

Created by: rvelez
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  1. Ok hey there amigos.I'm like mad right now.Why?Because pt.15 didn't show up in the new quizzes list AND not only that...
  2. ...it didn't show up under my profile and I'm like 'WHAT THE F***! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!' Sorry for cussing.It's just that I get angry:(
  3. So I want you to take it.Heres the url : h_t_t_p://_go_to_quiz.com/P9KU5 without the spaces(_'s) between the everything:P I'm just not good with urls and the other is longxD
  4. So please take it and I am soooo sorry.I quess it's the quiz's picture that made this happen.*sighs*Well stop wasting you time here.The rest is random things about me and you don't have to click for the results.They don't matter:)
  5. Ok so my fav. Vandy is chocolate and skittles:P
  6. My birthday is coming up^ sooo what are you going to give me jkjk lol:P
  7. I'm a sonic fan:D I'm married to Espio^ so espio fan lovers back off xD
  8. I'm always on offbeat when I'm bored so maybe we can chat there:)
  9. Who hates school?I dooo!Its a pain in the bambooXD
  10. Who has a Quotev accont? I DOOOOOOO TEHE.Yes.My name there is FallenComet_97 and I'm working on a story called Dangerous Games. ONLY ONE CHAPTER IS OUT:P I don't have much time to release the next but please read it and follow me please^.^
  11. Well BYEZZZZ My amigos:)

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Quiz topic: I Know my Secret pt.15 IS OUT~rvelez~