IKYS READERS!! ~rvelez~

Hello IKYS readers. I have a couple of problems that I need to inform you all! It really important so just scoll down and ignore the next few things I'm saying like right now. :P ~*~

~*~ I love gummy worms, not just just that, but gummy bears as well. I love skittles and chocolate and I love to say this word; my favorite word beyond all other words that I don't get tired of saying: .......MEEP!!! XP ~*~

Created by: rvelez
  1. First thing first, happy holidays! Yeah, I feel late xP
  2. Ok lets begin! So I have a writer's block and I had it for two weeks D:
  3. I have some ideas but don't know how to go to one event to the other.
  4. Its hard for me and since I am on a break, I don't want to waste all the time because school was taking the best out of me.
  5. I also noticed that not much romance is in the out coming parts and we all know you want those romantic parts ;D
  6. Ok so this is where YOU enter. Tell me who you want a romantic part in part 18 and I'll see if I could sqeeze it in :D
  7. Ideas would be great too like juicy drama parts cause thats what makes a story amazing right?
  8. I don't know when I am going to release it and I still need to work on part 7 of Falling Feathers which would be on hold so I could focus more on IKYS.
  9. I was planning of making another shout out quiz but it can hold cause I don't want ya'll waiting. Its hard for me because I barely get on the computer and I have to use my phone most of the time when it comes to making quizzes but don't worry because I'm getting a laptop soon and I mean SOON! :D
  10. Any other questions and ideas you want to share, please comment! :B

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