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Hey guys! So, thought I'd go ahead and inform you on a couple things. I'm discontinuing a couple of my series... " if I didn't know any better" and " the downfall", sorry.

But, in its place, I'll be bringing back a couple old ones I took away, not to mention I'll be adding a new one! And I'm still gonna do ' all because of a coke'

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. ***Angelica***Tears streamed down my cheeks as I saw Grayson in his casket, his body still and lifeless. Without thinking, I leaned over and pressed my lips against his cheek, a small cough startling me. I leapt back in fear, my body colliding with... Castiel.
  2. Castiel. I hadn't spoke to him since the wedding fiasco, honestly. It just broke my heart to be near him and here he was, right beside me, watching me kiss his deceased friend. " Angelica, are you -- are you okay?" he asked, his oceanic eyes flickering with tears as I shook my head. "It... It just hurts me to see him..." " Dead?" he asked, watching the tears fall down my neck.
  3. " Castiel, I'm -- I just don't know what to say. If I had just gotten married to him he'd still be here, being his old uptight self." I sobbed, falling into his arms. " No, Angelica. You did the right thing. If you'd married him ... He... You'd have to kill him. Then, he'd come back to kill you, to take your powers, it's how it works." he explained, his eyes glistening as I stared in horror. " Castiel?" " Yes?" " Why'd we ever quit talking to each other ?"
  4. ***Castiel***" Castiel?" she whispered breathly, tears pouring down her cheeks as she held me tightly, her eyes glued to mine. " Yes?" " Why did we ever quit talking to each other?" she asked, my heart racing as I began to wonder the same thing. " Angelica, i can't... I don't..."
  5. Without thinking about it, I pressed my lips against hers, her breathing becoming shaky as she pulled back, her ocean-blue eyes wide open. Placing her hand on my chest, she took a small, stumble towards me, letting her fingertips brush against my jawline.
  6. ***Angelica***My heart nearly leapt out of my chest as he looked down at me, my fingertips blindly tracing his beautifully sculpted jawline as I looked up into his eyes. " Castiel?" I whispered, taken aback at how low my voice had gotten, a sudden rasp in it that sent a chill up my spine. " Yes?" " Would you be mad if I told you I liked you? That I might have been a little jealous of you and Maple? That all I wanted was to go back to heaven and be with you, safe and protected."
  7. " Of course I'm not mad. I -- I love you, Angelica. Maple was a nice girl, and yes, I liked her... But it took so much for me not to run up to you and pull you into my arms. I love you, Angelica." he whispered. Tears now trickling down my face, I gave a small smile as I pressed my lips against his. " I love you too, Castiel."
  8. ***3 MONTHS LATER***" Can you believe this? Here we are, doing this all again. This time, just don't back out." Christie chuckled softly, adjusting her blond curls into a cute updo that suited her face structure. " Yeah. Castiel is a good guy. Don't upset him, ditz." Maple warned, her fingertips placed on my upper arm as I gave a small smile. " Don't worry guys. I'm happy, for real this time. No regrets!" I grinned, twirling around in my white ankle length dress.
  9. " You really do seem happy, and that's great." Abigail grinned, taking my hand in hers and leading me out into the church. " I am. For once, I actually am."
  10. ***Castiel***" You really are lucky." Daemon grinned, giving my back a comforting pat as I nodded in agreement. " I honestly can't believe she chose me." I smiled, playing with the cuff links on my suit. " Dude, I knew as soon as I met you two she was so in love with you. The grin on her face said it all." Louis sighed softly, a small waver of jealousy running through his voice, and all I could manage to do was smile.
  11. ***1 hour later******Angelica***An explosion of cheers came from behind me as I took a hold of Castiel's tie, pulling him closer to me, our lips immediately pressing together like this was what we were meant for. Each other. " I love you Angelica." he whispered into my lips, my eyes narrowing as I pulled away with a smirk. " I love you more." " I love you the most." he argued, playfully chasing after me as I took off around the reception hall, a grin spreading across my face as he had me cornered.
  12. " You really have yourself fooled, don't you?" I said, putting a sarcastic grin on as he looked at me curiously. " What do you mean?" " I believe you meant to say I love YOU more." I teased, placing my lips against his.
  13. ***1 year later***A nervous feeling crept up my spine as I searched for Castiel, spotting him resting on the recliner in the corner of our humble abode. " Castiel -- you never told me how you felt about kids." I sighed, keeping my hands over my stomach so he wouldn't notice. " I like kids. I'd love to have a whole houseful of those little monsters." he chuckled softly, his eyes full of love as I gave a small nod. " How would you feel if I told you I was pregnant?"
  14. " You're -- we're going to be parents!?" he shrieked excitedly, hopping up from the recliner and twirling me around excitedly, my eyes filled with tears as I giggled uncontrollably. " Yes."
  15. ***Nine months later***My eyes fell down to the beautiful set of twins I was cradling in each arm, Castiels eyes filled with joy as he gave me a small smile. " What are you going to name them?" the doctor asked, his eyes twinkling as he looked at my beautiful twins - one girl, one boy, both extremely cute. " Lexi Ann Bennet and Bradley Cooper Bennet."
  16. ***nine years later***" Mom! Tell Brad to quit touching my food!" Lexi shrieked angrily, her brows furrowing as she twirled a piece of her light blonde hair around her fingers. " Bradley Cooper Bennet! Leave your sister alone." I warned, both kids suppressing giggles as Castiel snuck up behind me and scooped me up into his arms. "Castiel?! Oh my gosh, you scared me to death!" I giggled, playfully hitting his arm before his lips landed on mine. " Ewww!" the kids shrieked, a small chuckle escaping my lips as I stuck my tongue out at them.
  17. ***Twenty years later***Tears trickled down my cheeks as I sat beside Castiel and Lexi, both of them in tears too as we were informed that Bradley had been shot in an alleyway by a gang. " This is why I hate mortals." Castiel hissed into my ear, my eyes full of tears as I held him closer to me with a sad smile on my face. " He died protecting Lexi from those people. He was a real hero." I sniffed, kissing his cheek with a sob.
  18. ***Thirty years later***Lexi ended up marrying a good guy, a male model, actually. She ended up pursuing her dreams -- and to honor her brothers memory, she became a cop. Though she never said anything about it, I believed she had met her husband while at work. He seemed like the type of guy to break the occasional rule here and there. " So. Are you glad you chose me?" Castiel asked as we sat up in heaven, looking down at our beautiful daughter. " Yes, Castiel. I'm very happy."
  19. ***THE END***

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