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So, hey guys! First of all, I'd like to specially dedicate this one to WeirdHead. They have been here for me since the beginning, basically, and have supported me from then on! Thanks.

Also, just a small warning, it won't be too long until this entire series is over. Also, I might've not made this clear. These ones I've been doing, are like, what would happen if you chose a certain guy.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. ***Angelica***I tried my best not to cry during Graysons funeral, but ended up wallowing in self pity by his casket, his lifeless body cold as I put a fingertip to his cheek. He looked so peaceful -- and happy. Tears dribbled down my chin as I gave him one last look, a hand pressing against my back. Zach.
  2. " Angelica, are you okay?" he asked, spinning me to face him, tears in his golden eyes as I shook my head firmly. " No, Zach. I'm not okay. I lost Grayson. Why would you think --" " I know, it was a stupid question. I just -- I miss you so much. It hurts to see you like this, especially without me by your side to comfort you."
  3. " Zach, you broke up with me, remember? I gave you my heart, my love -- it wasn't enough for you, obviously. Go kiss your precious Christie. Oh, wait -- she's already got Wiley. Too bad for you." I hissed, giving a fake pout before storming off, his voice crying out to me, but I chose to ignore him.
  4. ***Zach***Her words hit me like bullets, but I knew she didn't mean what she said. She's just upset right now. Yeah, that's it. Wait, if that's it, then why do I feel so bad? " Angelica! Wait up!" I shouted, chasing after her, so much passion boiling inside me as she spun around, my eyes widening in horror.
  5. " Angelica! Watch out!" I cried, shoving her forward, her body slamming against the pavement as a car swerved by, barely -- barely, missing her. " Angelica! Angelica, are you okay?!" I asked, near tears, running to her side. She slowly sat up, the corner of her lip slit open, but other than that, she seemed fine. " Zach? I'm... I'm so sorry. I was so mean to you --" " Angelica, i forgive you! I love you, I love you so much it scares me. I could have lost you, Angelica."
  6. ***Angelica***My heart began to race as I looked up into his loving eyes, taking a hold of his hands as I embraced him tightly. " I love you too, Zach. I love you so much. I'm right here, you saved me, and I'll never go anywhere. I'm yours." I whispered, pressing my lips against his, smiling as I listened to his heart hum.
  7. " Angelica, would you be my girlfriend? Again?" he asked, pulling me off the pavement, smiling widely as I gave a nod. " Yes, Zach. A hundred times, yes!" I smiled, pressing my lips against his firmly, tears streaming down my cheeks as he held me close.
  8. ***Four months later***" Oh, Angelica! Zach's going to spill his Lucky Charms, you look gorgeous!" Abigail laughed excitedly, motioning for me to prance around like a model, which I did. " Work it, girl!" Christie teased, playing with the ring around her finger with a smile. " Ditz, I gotta hand it to you, you really look great." Maple grinned, Abigail tossing her a frown before turning back to me.
  9. Before anyone could speak, a knock on the dressing room door startled us, Maple going over to answer it. " Where's Angelica?!" I heard Zach's worried voice cry out, my heart racing as I ran over to him. " You aren't supposed to see her yet! It's against --" Christie began, Zach's glare cutting her off. " Zach, what's wrong?" I whimpered, caressing his cheek in my palms as he gave a cute smile. " I'm -- I'm sorry, I just couldn't get you out of my mind." he whispered, pressing his lips against mine.
  10. " Ew, get a room!" Maple whined, crinkling her nose as we continued to kiss passionately. " With pleasure." Zach said with a wink, scooping me up into his arms with a smile. " You're wrecking your own wedding!" Abigail pointed out, Zach shrugging. " We better get out there and kiss before she flips her wig." he chuckled, carrying me down the aisle.
  11. ***An hour later***" You know what I love most about you?" he whispered into my ear, keeping his arm around my shoulders as I looked up expectantly. " Hmm... My angelic personality?" I teased, knowing I was definitely not angelic. " Nope. Guess again." " Hm... You love me because... I don't mind that you like Lucky Charms more than me?" " No! I love the fact that you can put up with my childish behavior and don't mind the fact that we're watching Spongebob Squarepants on our wedding night." he laughed, pecking my lips as we continued to watch television.
  12. *** Two Months later***" Angelica, babe. Are you preggers?" Zach asked one day, poking my stomach playfully as I stared at him wide-eyed. " What? You think...?" I asked, his head bobbing up and down excitedly. Sure enough, I was. " I'm gonna be a Papa! I'm gonna be a Papa!" he sang out, twirling me around before stuffing my mouth with Lucky Charms. " What was that for?" I spat. " I want our child to like Lucky Charms, okay?"
  13. *** Nine months later***Resting in my arms was -- Zach's head. Resting in HIS arms was our beautiful baby girl, smiling and cooing like crazy. " So, what are you going to name her?" the doctor asked, eyeing Zach with a snicker as we both shouted out. " Hadley Grace Collins." I said, just as Zach said " Spongebob Squarepants."
  14. " Spongebob Squarepants? Really Zach?" I chuckled softly, pressing my lips against his cheek before turning back to the doctor. " Hey, I guess Hadley works too." Zach sighed, pulling a hand full of Lucky Charms from his pocket and stuffing them in my mouth. " Well then, Miss, I wish you the best of luck with your *ahem* two children." the doctor said, referring to Zach as the second child. " I'll need it " I smiled, ruffling Zachs hair with a laugh.
  15. ***A year later***" Angie! Angie!" Zach yelled from inside our house, his voice uneven as he screamed his nickname for me. " What? What is it?" I shouted over my shoulder, holding my little bundle of joy, Hadley, in my arms. " Tell Abigail just because she's Haddies godmother she can't spoil her with Captain Crunch! We all know Lucky Charms is better!" he said, making me giggle softly. Of course. It had to be about cereal. Sure, I loved the guy, but he and Abigail fought like brother and sister.
  16. ***Ten years later***As I placed my lips against his, I realized how happy he truly made me feel. How alive I felt when I was around him. He loved me with such a passion, it could be scary at times.
  17. ***Twenty years later***Life continued to be an everlasting adventure. One with tons of twists and turns, but they honestly excited me. Hadley grew up to be just as silly as her father, gaining a job as a party planner and marrying her successful husband, Gabe. Although Zach and I had ended up dying young, it was still worth it to be together. We died in a fight -- a gang had attacked us, threatening to kill us. Zach, being Zach, offered them Lucky Charms, hence his death. I ended up going psycho on them, and that's how I died. Lovely, am i right?
  18. Although Hadley was heartbroken by our deaths, it made her stronger in a way. That's all I could ask for, really. I had my Zach and she had happiness. Win win situation.
  19. *** THE END***

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